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Creating a Lantern Tutorials Sep 16, 2005

Glass Section

Like before, open up the Display Options Panel and this time use picture4.tif as backdrop for the BL Viewport. The Size and Centre settings should be the same as before. Switch to Layer 4 and trace the outlines with the Pen Tool, and for this section I used 42 points. Picture 11 shows my finished 2D shape of this section.

Picture 11: The Glass section

Picture 12 shows a close-up on the more detailed parts.

Picture 12: Close-ups on the detailed parts

This section is done now, so press “s” on your keyboard to save the progress.

Top Section

Switch to Layer 5, then open up the Display Options again and this time set picture5.tif as backdrop, with the same size & centre values as before. Trace the outlines of the backdrop like before. I used 53 points for this section. Like in the glass holder section we need to place 4 of these points at a certain position, so try to create your shape as similar to mine as possible, have a look at picture 13.

Picture 13: The Top section

Picture 14 shows the more tedious parts of this section.

Picture 14: Close-ups on the more tedious parts

Okay, now we’re going to place those 4 points I was talking about earlier.

Picture 15 shows information on what points to select and where to place them, so use the Set Value tool again.

Picture 15: Use the Set Value tool

Select the two points shown in the left image of picture 15, then place them at 4mm on the Y-axis using the Set Value Tool, then select the two points shown in the right image of picture 15 and this time place them at 9mm.

That’s it for this section, so lets continue with the next one.

Top Section Cover

Switch to Layer 6 and change the backdrop image to picture6.tif, and like before, use the same size & centre values. All these 2D shapes will be created at the same place but we will position them later on. Start tracing the outlines for this shape; picture 16 shows the one I made, using 48 points.

Picture 16: Trace the backdrop with the Pen Tool

Picture 17 shows Close-ups on the more detailed parts.

Picture 17: Close-ups on the more detailed parts

That’s it for this section, now lets get on with the last one.

Top Section Hat

Once again change the backdrop image, this time to picture7.tif. Switch to Layer 7 and start tracing this section with the Pen Tool, I used 50 points shown in picture 18.

Picture 18: Trace the outlines with the Pen Tool

Picture 19 shows some more detail.

Picture 19: Close-up

There is one part of this section where the points need to be placed in a certain way, so lets fix that now.

Picture 20 shows 6 points that need to be aligned. Select 2 at a time and use the values shown in the picture.

Picture 20: Use the Set Value Tool to position the points

So just use the Set Value Tool here to position the points, we need them aligned here since there will be holes in the mesh here later on.

That’s it for the basic 2D shapes, press “s” now to save the progress.

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