Tutorials 3D Graphics Tutorials (274 materials)
This tutorial shows how to create a photo montage with After Effects.
Using Adobe After Effects to create graphic visualization of an audio track.
From Text to a Cool Extruded-3D with After Effects
Match your video to the geometry of an object by using a warp effect in After Effects.
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3D Motion and Position of Text Characters with After Effects
Reduce your rotoscoping workload by half by using After Effects CS5 new roto brush tool.
This video covers some of the new additions to the interface including the auto keyframe option and the align to comp button.
This effects plugin that comes with After Effects CS5 will let editors take better advantage of the higher quality 32-bit color space.
After Effects CS5 includes the newest version of Mocha, which helps editors by isolating and tracking shapes throughout a clip.
This tutorial shows how create a 3D grass.