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Using Photoshop to create this cool text effect with 2 images rendered in Cinema 4D.
Create a gravitation object using Dynamics in Cinema 4D.
Editor's Pick of December, 2008
Stunning tutorial on how to create an attention-attractive 3D logo and make it the most eye-catching element of your web design.
<span>Editor's Pick of December, 2008</span><br />Modeling a fungus in 3D Max will indeed help you understand and admire the structure of this primitive at first glance plant.
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Floor is one of the elements contained in Architecture. Floor Covering Materials are several kinds, such as, concrete, ceramics, marble, steel plate, glass, wood, and etc. One of the floor covering material that we will learn is the wood. There are 2(two) Wood Floor Form, regular, and irregular form...
Brick is one of the Popular material that we usually often used in 3ds Max world. The brick's application as wall constructor or wall exspose.
Hey guys, today we will be learning how to export Photoshop shapes into C4D. This is helpful if you ever need to make a logo in 3D or you want to take a character design you've been working on into the third dimension.
Editor's Pick in 3D Graphics Tutorials, June 2007
This 3D Graphics tutorial shows you a good way to make Modelling a Tire Tread. The author uses very good texts with concise directions. The texts are accompanied by pictures and screenshots to check your work.
Hello! Thought I'd give you all a tutorial on how to do wireframe renders. Seems that a lot of things look pretty cool with wireframe renders, especialy some really detailed things.
1. Objects > primitive > sphere
2. Structure > make editable or "C" on your keyboard
3. Structure > edit surface > quantize
4. Structure > edit surface > matrix extrude