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All professional and many mid-range digital cameras support the capability to capture images in the RAW file format. Each manufacturer takes a different approach to doing so, but for the most part, the editing of these files can be done fairly painlessly in Photoshop CS
In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a custom action and use Photoshop's batch command to process a group of images to a certain size. This is a fairly simple tutorial, but does require some Photoshop knowledge.
Learn how to create an icon that will show up when your site is added to the user's favorites with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Suite/Firefox. In Mozilla Suite/Firefox it will also show up on the tabs.
Learn how to make a vertical moving bar scan over text. This is a more advanced tutorial about using Imageready to create motion and using layers to hide certain parts of the animation at certain times.
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1. Open an existing picture image.
2. Image > Adjustments > Desaturate (or Ctrl+Shift+U)
3. Then Use the rectangular marquee tool to select the picture image and press Ctrl+I to inverse the colors.
The following tutorial will teach you how to create a rather smooth selection using the gfussian blur filter and curves. This is most useful when you want to move an image in with another and make it aapear like it was apart of that image.
This tutorial works really well for anyone into photo manipulation because in this tutorial we are going to take a photograph with a white background and turn it into a transparent background without having to trace all around the object with the pen tool.
Find out how to load filters into Photoshop.
Find out how to load brushes into Photoshop.
Here is a quick and simple way to merge those 2 images into 1 and make them look like they were made that way.