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  Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing (2322 materials)

Simple matte simulation

One of the nicest ways to dress up a snapshot is to surround it with a matte and a frame. This can be done digitally in Photoshop in just a few simple steps. First, select your image. For this...

Vector Masks

The most popular way to cut out, or "mask" an object is to use the lasso tool. That's fine, but if you want to be a baller, you will use the pen tool and create "vector masks." Vector masks have two major advantages:
1) You can edit them after you've drawn them.
2) You don't lose...

PhotoShop - Realistic Blood

Well here you will be taught how add realistic blood to a pic. 1) Open the picture that you want to blood to. This is the one i used 2) Next pick the lasso tool and make a outline of where you want it to be. MAKE SURE it is...

Photoshop 7 alchemy apply image

This week I would like to cover a few items, so I'll be short on the introduction. Photoshop 7 has a few new commands and blending modes that I've been playing with, and as I already told my buddy Colin Smith about it, I thought I'd better write on the subject before he beat me to it! ...

Dreaming Effect

This tutorial will show you how to make dreaming effect 1 Open the image you would like to make dreamy. This effect works best with photographs. 2 Right click on the layer with your image, and select Duplicate Layer. Call the layer dream. Next we are going to blur this layer : filter > blu...

Smooth Gradient

Learn the usage of smooth gradient. Open any image. Make new layer by clicking Create a new layer icon (). Set foreground color to red and background color to white. Select Gradient Tool () and apply to the layer you have just created. Hold Shift and apply from right to left. Make...

Square to Round: Easy Spheres

It's simple to convert a square picture to a round picture by simply making a circular selection and adding a mask. However, how about converting a square image to a sphere? Here's a tr...

Fun With Faces

This tutorial will show you how to use liquify tool and how to mutate faces using this tool.

Combining images using masks

Photoshop's Quick Mask mode enables you to create smooth transitions between images on different layers with extraordinary control. Perhaps even easier in many cases is a gradient layer

Re-paint Your Picture

Here I will show you how to repaint a car, but once you master the technique then you will be able to apply it to other objects or graphics with ease. 1 Open the picture that you want to apply this technique to. Select the pen tool ...