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  Tutorials Photoshop Text Effects (1240 materials)

Frosted Text

In this tutorial, i will show you how to create a frosted ice text. After you learn this technique you can apply it too all sorts of different things.

Bold Gold Letters

Let's start out by creating a new image. I'm setting mine up as follows: Width: 8 in Height: 4 in Resolution: 150 Mode: RGB Background: White Since we are basically doubling the 72 dpi, you can view this at 50% and still have a fair rendering of what the full-blown image looks like. N...

Golden Text in a few Easy Steps

Make a new file with about 400 by 400pixels dimensions and a white background, then using the type tool type some large black text. I used MinsterlPosterWHG font with 170pts size. Feel free to use your own font, however try picking some thick one. With your text font active click on the n...

Design a Inset Text

This week we are actually going to do something. This technique is really simple and you will see it all the time in design both for print and the web. It is not confined to text either. Look around and you w...

Simple Alien Text

The one thing that most beginning graphics artists have troubles with is the text of their image. I'm here to help out.

Engraved Text

1. Make sure you have black as you forground colour and apply the text on a seperate layer. 2. Copy the text layer and change the colour on the text to white. Move the text 1 pixel down and 1 pixel to the right using the...


First create a new document. Make it big because you can always make it smaller when your are ready. Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and fill it with white. Make sure that the fore- and background colors are white and black (press D). Go to Filter>>Render>>Clouds. The results are never the same bu...

Realistic Afterburn Explosion

Here is a cool little effect I just made up. I know this one is going to be popular. A movie type explosion, complete with flying sparks! Put your type on its own layer and render. Right click/Cmd Click on its name...

Variations in Plastic

To begin with, create a new image with a transparent background. Then create a new layer. My image for this tutorial has the following states: 9 inches wide 5 inches high 150 dpi Transparent Background RGB Select the type mask tool. In the new layer enter your type. Now choose 2 shades ...

Lovely Metal Text Design

1: We're going to try to get a really metallic chrome effect on our text, using curves and other features in Photoshop. Start off with a large canvas, the larger the better - I'm using 800x800. Make some text and have it a light-medium grey, in the example I'll us...