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  Tutorials Photoshop Text Effects (1240 materials)

How To Produce A Text Effect That Look Metallic

A Short Tutorial On How To Produce A Text Effect That Look Metallic The Tutorial 1. Open A New Document In Adobe, With A White Background 2. Size It About 200x100 3. Choose Your Font, Colour And Type Out Your Word Or Words 4. Then 'Right Click' On The Layer With The Text On...

Cooling Off- Making Snowballs in July

Learn how to make ice text. It's a useful skill in any month of the year.

Font Effect Tutorial

Below i will show you how to create a nice text affect! I suggest you use the font i have used , BnfontBOY you can download it by clicking here Step 1. First of all create a new document ...

Metal Mayhem

To begin with let's create a new image, 72 dpi with a white background. Create a new layer, enter some large text with the type mask tool, and fill it with black. Duplicate this layer, and with your selection still active we are ready to begin. I hope that you are starting to grasp using Lay...

Frosted Text

In this tutorial, i will show you how to create a frosted ice text. After you learn this technique you can apply it too all sorts of different things.

Out of Control Text

Introduction In this tutorial we will attempt to create lighting in a few very simple steps. Step 1 Open a new document that is 300x100 pixels, RGB, on a white background. Create a n...

Exploding Letters

Step 1Create a 500x500 black background document. Type your text in the middle with large enough font to leave some black near the edges. Be sure to have the text set to white. Merge the two layers together (Image Menu > Flatten Image) and set a Gaussian Blur filter (Filters Me...

Graphic Text

Insert Graphics into your text, I have seen this tutorial before , however i have never seen it done this way , me personaly i bilieve this is as fast as it gets. ...

Text Path

1. Create a new 400x400 pixel document and name it Text Path. Now press D and then X and fill the layer with white. Name this layer 'background'. Make a new layer name it 'Path', then select the freeform pen tool and drag a path (curved line) similar to mine. Your layers should...


First create a new document. Make it big because you can always make it smaller when your are ready. Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and fill it with white. Make sure that the fore- and background colors are white and black (press D). Go to Filter>>Render>>Clouds. The results are never the same bu...