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  Tutorials Photoshop Text Effects (1240 materials)

Quick Beveling

First type some text, use some kind of thick font. Rasterize your text layer. Control+Click (Mac: Command+Click) on your text layer to make a selection. Go to Select>Modify>Contract, enter 2pixels for the value and press OK. Fill your selection with white color and then go to Filter>Blur...

Images in Text

I learned this really simple technique from my cousin, so many ThX (as always) to him. Open Photoshop, cause now it's your turn to learn it.. 1. Create a new document and typ your text, make sure it's big and thick, there's no place here for thin fonts... Here...

Blue Fire

This is a variation of the common fire tutorial. Start out by creating a new document with black background. The image mode should be RGB. Write your text in white. Your have to have some space for the text to rotate it. ...

Inside Letter Paint

Open a new window with: Width:120pixels Height:120pixels Resolution: 72 pixels/inch Mode: RGB color Contents:White Type a big letter inside, in my case I have typed "at" sign with Caflisch Script font with a size of 200pixels. Next rasterize the type layer by right clicking and choosi...

Rusty Style

In this tutorial you will learn how to create rusty style.

Industrial Style

1. Create a new document (CTRL+N), type your text, I used the font DonteFont and give it a black color, make it big enough, I used 150, leave the background white for a better result 2. The only thing you'll be using is the Blending Options, so go ahead and ...

Cool Breeze

A Stylish Text Effect That Makes Your Text Look Blue, And Indented

Jett Text

I used to 'battle' alot on a forum, i noticed this tecnique was used over and over. 1. Make a new image, we used 250x 100 2. With your foregruond colour selected as black, click Edit > Fill - and give it Foreground colou...

Scan Text

A Short Tutorial On How To Produce A Text Effect That Looks Scanned. For This This Tutorial You Dot Pattern Effect. If You Already Have This Then Go Straight To Part 2 The Tutorial - Part 1 1. Open A New Document In Adobe, With A Transparent Background 2. Size It 3x3 3. Zoom In ...

Stone Style

1. Create a new document (CTRL+N), type your text, I used the font Blades and give it a white color, make it big enough, I used 155, leave the background white or first make it black like I did and then change it to white at the end 2. The only thing you'll...