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  Basics Website Usability (79 materials)

The Details Rule In Web Design

When it comes to websites, the details matter. Although many site owners believe the important thing is merely to get a website up, that's only a small part of the job. Efffective sites take a lot of planning--and a lot of concentration on the details.Of course, there are some site owners who obses...

Do the Write Thing: Spice Up Your Website`s Copy

There are millions of sites that start with "Welcome to our web site." Don`t let your site be one of them! This editorial provides you with tips & resources for writing captivating copy, catching and correcting common grammatical errors and discusses how users read when they`re on the web.

15 Website Elements That Attract Visitors

Here is a quick list of components that make a website attractive. They are listed in layers of attractiveness beginning with the "must" haves, to "nice to haves."

Ten Major Tips To Develop A Multilingual Web Site To Work

If you are living in a country that its native language is something rather than English language, then you may like to develop your website to offer content in the language of your own country. There are millions of websites on the Internet that are all in English language but there are billions of...

Flash for your website?

One of the big dilemmas when designing a website can be whether or not to use flash. In this article I'm going to go over the goods and the bads in hopes to help you make an educated decision. For those of you that are thinking "What is flash?" it's basically animation on your website. Our me...

Simplicity or Complexity

Josiah discusses the the question that irritates webmasters everywhere and could be the key to your site's success. Indeed society today demands everything be bigger, faster, brighter and just plain "spiffy". But what does a consumer want? Do they want clean, us...

Font Choice

Webmaster Tutorial - Choose youre font!In this webmaster tutorial I will give my opinion on which fonts are best for the web, and why that is.The OptionsThere are two possible types of font to use are serif fonts, and sans-serif. The diff...

Homepage real estate allocation

Summary: On average, sample sites evenly distributed valuable screen space between content, navigation, fluff, blank areas, and system overhead. Areas of user interest.....

The Ten Most Violated Homepage Design Guidelines

Summary: There are ten usability mistakes that about two-thirds of corporate websites make. The prevalence of these errors alone warrants attention, e.....