Miscellaneous Inspiration Changing Your Major to Web Design: What to Choose and How to Transfer

Changing Your Major to Web Design: What to Choose and How to Transfer

VitaliyKolos Inspiration Nov 19, 2020

Changing a major is quite a stressful process. At the same time, if you’ve found the career path that excites you, it is a perfect opportunity. After all, it is completely fine to change your field of knowledge as people tend to change their interests with time. Web design is a great option as it offers wide career prospects and working in a creative field.

And if you are stressed about your assignments, there is always help out there. One can ask a professional “write my research paper” service to help out with assignments while they are on the quest to change the major. If you are serious about it, here are several things you need to know.


Why Choose Web Design?

Well, if you are considering this degree, you probably have your own ideas on why. But here are some main benefits that need mentioning.

Great Career Lies Ahead

This degree will open several career prospects, such as web and app designer, development of games, SEO and content management, or UI/UX design.

Overall it is a great path that can ensure employment in many industries. The demand for specialists in these fields also grows faster than average ones, so there are higher chances to get the desired position.

Possible Independence

It allows working for yourself. Of course, one can choose to be a part of a company or big corporation, but it is also cool to be a freelancer or self-employed. If this is something you are interested in, web design is a great choice.

Self-Expression and Real-Life Impact

It is a creative job that endorses self-expression. If you are excited about programming but do not want to be a full-time software developer, this one will be much more fascinating.

Your work will have a real-life impact on others. Whether it is a new website or an astonishing RPG game, it is something that people will see every day and enjoy.


Options and Risks of Changing Major

Now, let’s talk about the process of changing degrees. There are basically several things you can do:

  • Change the major in the same college. So you can transfer from one program to another. It is the most convenient and easy path.
  • Select the major in another college. In this case, you’ll be applying to another institution and changing a degree at the same time. For example, if the web design program there is better or more suitable for you. It can be a bit more complicated, but it is perfectly possible.
  • Graduate with a double degree. You can change your specialty to web design but leave the specialty you’ve previously studied as a minor. It is quite beneficial for those who are moving between programs in the second or third year and do not want to lose their progress.

Depending on what options one selects, the transferring process would be slightly different. In the end, it will be all worth it. The main risks students think of when making such a decision are the following.

Late Graduation

This may be the case if your previous specialization does not cover the credits of web design, but mostly this won't happen. As the research shows such transfer has little to no impact on the graduation time.

Other Issues

Many learners are scared of losing their scholarships. It is possible if they were major-specific. Make sure you consult on it and apply it to the new ones.

Not being taken seriously. A lot of students think that changing a field of study is something uncommon, but it is quite the opposite. According to a recent report, about 33% of students change their major at least once. And 10% of them do it twice and more.

How to Transfer

There are several steps to follow to make your decision final:

    1. Consult with a college advisor and career counselor on the best options available.

    2. Research web design programs and select the one you like, in the same college or another.

    3. Find out the dates when you can apply to transfer. Usually, it is before the start of each semester. As long as you haven’t signed up for classes, you might choose a new program. But the deadlines alter from institution to institution, so make sure you are not late.

    4. If you are transferring to another college, make sure that all your credits are transferred accordingly. Prepare all the necessary documents.

    5. Check the scholarship requirements and make sure you do not lose them. Or apply to new ones.

    6. Apply for transfer and get excited about the new prospects!

In Summary

Web design is a perfect degree for those who love technology and are passionate about creativity. It has great career and employment prospects and can ensure future earnings. If you want to transfer programs, select the one you like, check the deadlines, prepare documents, and apply.

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