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The Best Platforms and Applications for Online Learning

VitaliyKolos Inspiration Oct 01, 2020

E-learning, remote or online education shows a significant growing tendency, and its future is promising. According to estimated calculations, the online course market volume will increase to $350 billion by 2025. Impressive figures, isn't it?

The digital era makes adjustments to all areas of our life, and education is not an exception. Academic institutions are adopting cutting-edge technological solutions, while traditional face-to-face methods become less popular. It happens due to the obvious benefits that it brings to both teachers and students. Recorded lectures, 24-hour access to all resources, flexible schedules, familiarity with technology, and fewer expenses are only a few of them. Recent researches show that the effectiveness of online learning varies considerably among age groups. To get a result, you need to study in a concentrated and structured environment, using tools proficiently. This combination offers to achieve process and memorize up to 60% more material in comparison with the face-to-face classroom educational method.

Social distancing rules imposed by the previously unseen situation of the worldwide pandemic accelerate the industry's development. For the sake of justice, someone considers that the unexpected and accelerated move towards online learning with an insufficient level of preparation and training can lead to poor user experience and incomplete performance. Nevertheless, the majority of scientists and educational specialists believe that all challenges will be successfully overcome.

In 2020, even the worlds' leading universities go online. On the one hand, they are forced by the COVID-19 situation, and on the other, academic institutions need to follow the contemporary world agenda. Online course platforms provide users with access to digital materials. Usually, the content is presented in different formats. Online learning enables teachers to use creativity and explain the subject differently, using engaging tutorials with video, audio files, images, and texts with interactive activities blended with traditional approaches for studying (notes, academic assignments, tests, etc.). If you need help with an assignment online, you may always contact essay writers that use cutting-edge tools to guarantee the fulfillment of the requirement for each academic assignment. They apply innovative applications to detect plagiarisms and analyze the content for relevance.

Today we decided to review the most exciting learning tools and platforms in the upcoming semester. We included language apps, online learning software, video, audio conferencing tools, and virtual tutoring. Are you intrigued? Let's start.


Like the previous year, the constant leader in the number of offered courses remains the same. It's Coursera. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that other platforms are breathing down its neck. But first things first. Coursera platform offers university-level certified programs and courses taught by the top professors of the leading world universities. Each program consists of unique reading materials, projects, video lectures and discussions, academic assignments, quizzes, and tests. The price varies for individual classes starting from $29. Coursera is an excellent opportunity for those who want to change an ongoing career or start a new one. The significant advantage of an online degree is that it costs incomparably fewer funds than traditional on-campus learning.


Another top-notch quality college-level online platform is edX. Designed and powered by Harvard and MIT professionals, it provides exceptional educational programs, and some are free of payment. This platform focuses on Biology and Life Sciences, Art and Culture, Education and Training, Medicine, Law and History, Linguistics, Environmental studies, etc. The course structure principle remains usual and consists of lectures, reading materials, video conferences, and practical assignments. Most programs are available in English; nevertheless, there are specific courses taught in Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.


Skillshare is an almost unique online learning platform that offers a two months free trial period. It focuses on practical learning and encourages students to use a creative approach. The course materials consist of video lectures and further individual projects to evaluate and track each student's progress. This online educational platform will be handy for those who want to study a career in Lifestyle and Productivity, Business and Leadership, Film and Video creating, Design, Photography, IT, and Music. Check it.

Another great opportunity for students to acquire knowledge for free. Moreover, if you want to get a certificate of achievement or statement of participation, you will need to purchase a subscription. The prices for individual premium courses start from $75. The learning process structure is similar to other platforms and includes reading materials, video, and audio content with further discussion classes. If you are looking to study a career in Business Management, Healthcare, Education, or train your digital or IT skills, check it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Among must-try tools to develop skills and enhance creativity, we strongly recommend to download and check:

  • to enrich your foreign language knowledge:

    1. Babbel. This application encourages you to develop conversational skills and overcome the language barrier.

    2. Duolingo. This application supports more than 30 foreign languages. Here you can practice conversational skills, train the pronunciation, and check the spelling.

  • to practice numeracy skills:

    1. Sumaze, a solving puzzle game that allows us to train mathematical skills. Practice solving inequalities, logarithms, modules functions including fractions, percentages, decimals, and digits.

    2. Khan Academy. This application offers various video tutorials, exercises, and quizzes to supplement and strengthen existing math knowledge. Created and designed by professional scientists, it's an excellent tool for students interested in studying STEM subjects.

  • to study social sciences:

    1. PBS Students provides short video tutorials about historical events and personalities, combined with data exposed in graphics and images favoring understanding and memorizing the complex concepts.

    2. iCivics is an authentic treasure for applying in practice and training knowledge of laws, state structure, and executive order. Try to run for the presidency or develop and go through the procedure for submitting a bill for consideration in parliament, etc.

    3. News-O-Matic is an interactive, engaging resource that stimulates critical thinking, global awareness, and social media literacy. It publishes relevant news content daily in different languages that cover multiple topics that appeal to students' interests and allow them to train comprehension skills.

Wrapping up

The future of the educational sphere belongs to technological innovation. New programs and applications come to market every day, and it is physically impossible to track each one. However, it is essential to develop digital skills and leverage progress for personal growth.

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