000Webhost - Fair and Unbiased In-Depth Review

You might have heard a quote, ‘there is no free lunch in the world’. However, when it comes to the world of free web hosting, there are some places where you can get some free lunch. And one such place is 000webhost.com.

000webhost.com is among the leading web hosting companies in the world offering quality hosting services at zero cost.

Because of the reason, the company offers free hosting without any hidden charges and running annoying ads on users' websites, people want to know about it.

Therefore, we thought we should bring an unbiased, decent and detailed review of 000webhost.com for you.


Powered by Hostinger, 000webhost.com was founded in 2007 with the aim to power-up the internet society. At present, the company has been serving millions of customers with the help of hundreds of servers around the globe.

It is worth mentioning that, the company is also a part ICANN accredited registrars community and verified as the trusted hosting company. You may read it here.

No Hidden Cost

Most of the free hosting providers only claim to offer free hosting. However, when the time comes to sign-up, they ask for credit card information. You will always find some kind of hidden cost into their service.

Nevertheless, this not the case with 000webhost. As we said in the above paragraph, the signing up is absolutely free with it. You can check it yourself right now. Even you can clearly read out on their website ‘No hidden cost and no restrictive terms'.

Multiple Ways for Website Creation

There are 3 ways users can create their website with 000webhost.com. They can either choose the easy website builder tool or create one using WordPress and then host it on the company’s server. Then there is an auto install tool that lets users install scripts like Joomla, WordPress straight from the control panel.

Supports Ad Network

The company does not run any annoying ads on their users’ sites. On the other hand, allows them to run their own ads on their free website.

The company also lets users run ad programs like Google Adsense on their site so that they can generate revenue out of them. So it is a plus.


000Webhost - Fair and Unbiased In-Depth Review 1

Features are major factors that most people like to look into when choosing a web host. Even if you are using a free web host, you must have access to features that are important to your website’s performance. Speaking of 000webhost.com, it provides features that are adequate to fulfill the requirements of any startup and individual. Its free plan includes 1 GB of disk space along with 10 GB of bandwidth limit. Apart from this, you also get full MySQL and PHP database support and free access to control panel.


The company uses a powerful infrastructure of Hostinger. The company has hundreds of servers across the globe making data transmission easy. Their servers use SSD disk drives that are approximately 3 times fast in reading and writing data than tradition HDD drives.


000Webhost - Fair and Unbiased In-Depth Review 2

Every online business that wants to grow and get success must understand that uptime is monumental. Even a downtime of a single hour can cause great loss to your online business.

000webhost claims to offer 99.9% uptime, you may read it on their website as well. Even they provide live proof for the same.

Control Panel Support

As we said in the feature section, the company also provides free access to control panel, you can make use of it to manage your website. Things like backup creation, FTP accounts database, managing emails can be performed straight from the control panel.

Website Builder

If you’re one who is joining the online world for the first time, it can be little difficult for you to create a website on your own. Well, 000webhost has a free website builder that makes it easy for you.

Using this tool, you will be able to create a professional website without or with minimum help.

With its drag-and-drop feature, you can create a professional in just 3 simple steps that go like this-

  • Choose a template for your site.
  • Drag and drop your content.
  • Hit the ‘Publish’ button.

It is as simple as that.

PHP & MySQL Support

The one other thing that makes it must choose free web hosting service is, it lets you run PHP and MySQL from a free account. Of course, beginners will be requiring some help, but they will be able to use PHPMyAdmin to manage their database.

In addition to this, it also provides the option to send email using PHP.

Single-Click Website Installer

000webhost is the first hosting provider which gave users access to the auto installer. Single-click auto-installer is a system that has been designed to make installing of popular scripts such as WordPress, Drupal etc. easy for novices.

Customer Support

000Webhost - Fair and Unbiased In-Depth Review 3

A quick and constant support is very crucial. Unfortunately, this is the department which may make you little disappointed. Like many other free hosting providers, 000webhost.com misses the features like Live chat support and phone support. Nevertheless, you access to their forum support where you can leave your queries and get answers for the same from industry experts. The best part is there are different forums out there in languages like Spanish and German.

Apart from this, you may also use their tutorial section where you can read articles on numerous popular topics related to website building, website errors, etc. Moreover, blog section and knowledge base are always there to give you additional information.

If you are getting any trouble installing Wordpress you may go through their WordPress guide that basically walks you through integrating WP on 000webhost.

Final Thoughts

Taking all its features and services into consideration, we can say the company should be definitely given at least one try, especially if you are not in a situation to go premium.

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