Reliable hosting for web design projects

When it comes to starting a new website, choosing a reliable hosting provider is the basis of any project. With this offer, you’ll get numerous advantages of web design hosting solutions from trustworthy companies. Decide on your needs and choose the one that will meet your requests.
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Web design hosting requirements

Nowadays, a lot of companies offer hosting solutions to clients, so it is necessary to make sure that the one you opt for will ensure the best connection and stable work of your site.
Start your site properly

When you have a particular project in mind, you have to clarify your web hosting requirements.

It will help to start your site properly and choose the best modern, reliable server that will meet your expectations. Firstly, when comparing reliable hosting providers, you have to decide what type of hosting your project needs. Depending on the number of website visitors per month, the amount of memory you need, your security priorities, etc. you can choose from the following kinds of services:

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud

It’s clear that the traffic of a personal photographer’s portfolio will be different from the traffic of an online store. Likewise, their storage size can be defined by the number of images that have to be present on web pages. Consequently, the tips for choosing a reliable hosting provider include understanding your needs.

Secondly, to implement a project, you have to think about the tools for this. If you are going to create a site with the help of a website builder or CMS, make sure that the server’s functionality suits your needs. Working with a reliable hosting provider usually guarantees the freedom of CMS choice.

Thirdly, if you wish to create an eCommerce project, it’s vital to ensure that the chosen provider supports this functionality. Operating a store usually implies the website’s growth with time, so your hosting plan should comprise the possibility to extend services in the future.

Reliable hosting providers you should trust

Contemporary reliable hosting providers try to give users the best experience in website creation and file storage services. Here, you can find out information about the companies that have been offering their services to many users for more than a decade.
Bluehost - consistent and reliable hosting provider

Bluehost, founded in 2003, prides itself on innovating new ways of controlling the web.

  • Constantly developing modern tools for all kinds of users
  • Various packages to suit the needs of anyone
  • Millions of clients worldwide
  • Helps various teams to develop their software
  • A reliable web design and development server
SiteGround - secure web design hosting solutions

SiteGround positions itself as an exceptional team of individuals who share the same values in delivering high-quality, reliable hosting services.

  • Dedication in hosting offers to customers
  • Helpful support
  • Multiple data center locations
  • Best offers for your regional or international needs
What characterizes a reliable hosting?

In a competitive world, a trustworthy hosting provider should meet a lot of criteria.
Yet, the main idea is giving customers the tools to implement the desired web projects. The more possibilities you get as a client, the more successful your website can become.

Deciding on the company, pay attention to the variety of features it offers. When you have prioritized your needs, you can compare your requests with providers' server characteristics. A careful examination of these features will let you choose a company that you can trust. In any case, choosing the right web hosting requires taking into account such factors as:

  • Website uptime
  • Professional customer support

Website uptime is the period when the site is available to customers. When a provider ensures the highest uptime, you can trust it. Similarly, hosting services should include experienced assistance for the cases of unexpected website downtime.

What technical aspects should you consider?

The faultless website functioning is ensured by the combination of many technical aspects.
The essential ones are:

  • The kind of drive for storing information
  • The type of memory that the company offers
  • Space and memory size allocated to a specific account

Many providers prefer to use SSD (solid-state drive) disks to keep customers' data. This modern means of storage ensures the infallible website operation. Likewise, reliable providers use quality CPUs (central processing units) that perform the necessary actions. Thus, it is possible to achieve higher website performance and productivity with better computer resource availability.

Furthermore, when deciding on hosting plans, you have to consider the space that you get. Sharing the server’s resources with other users may influence your site’s performance. At the same time, leading providers often ensure that clients get enough storage space. Similarly, the agencies can give an opportunity to customize the amount of space.

Additionally, you may evaluate the resources you get by studying databases provided by hosting services. As your information will be kept in these databases, it’s essential to decide on the characteristics you require. Credible servers usually state the following criteria of databases:

  • The size of databases
  • The number of databases
  • The number of tables within databases
  • Database usage space or database queries

Remember to check this criterion while looking for a suitable provider if you need to keep various kinds of information.

Do hosting companies care about security?

Undoubtedly, reliable hosting providers attach considerable attention to securing clients’ data. Many agencies use automated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to safeguard your assets. Additionally, to provide heightened security, companies can offer:

  • Spam protection or mail filtering
  • Anti-hack systems
  • Fast server monitoring
  • Account isolation
  • Additional domain privacy

Depending on your requirements, you may choose the compulsory options for your website. For instance, an online shop is in need of higher security levels than a blogger’s site due to a large amount of shoppers’ information.

What other services can hostings include?

There are several other significant aspects that hostings can offer. Let’s consider the following:

  • Domain name registration
  • Website data backups

The choice of a provider, as a rule, is the first stage of website creation. During this time, you also have to decide on the domain name for your site. Here, reliable hosting providers can also help you. It is crucial to determine whether you need a generic domain or a country-specific one. It’s also possible to get a popular extension for your site’s name.

Different companies can include the search tool to check whether the desired domain name is free. Then, you will see a variety of prices that can influence your choice. At the same time, these offers may include a domain registration coupon that will cover the domain cost for a specific period. Additionally, providers can ensure a professional website transfer to their account if you already have a site.

Another essential characteristic that customers may need is website backups. Various servers may offer automated data backups. They will help you to restore the site version if anything unexpected damages your project. Such reserves can be an integral part of a chosen plan or added separately for an additional cost.

Do companies have special offers?

The credibility of expert providers allows them to include special features to their services. Namely, you can get:

  • The possibility to add collaborators
  • Free guiding materials
  • Marketing credits for promoting websites, etc

Besides, reliable providers often establish long term collaboration with other web development and design companies. Within this work, hostings provide special discounts to the agencies’ partners.

Choose a reliable hosting provider today!

If you are ready to trust your web project to a reliable hosting provider, don’t hesitate to take a special offer from Bluehost or SiteGround. Choose the desired plan and start building your website securely today!

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