10 Free and Recent CSS Tools For Professionals and Amateurs

CSS has long ago become an indispensable part of web design. Any web designer will confirm that CSS has become a web standart in recent years.

If you are not a web designer you might ask what CSS is and why is it this popular. Well, per Wikipedia Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. (HTML or a similar markup language). This is a web design method that allows you to improve your website visitor's experience without costing you time and money.

Key benefits of CSS
  • allows you to keep the styling separate from the content
  • simplifies the process of changing design elements
  • faster load time for your website

As any other technology CSS is developing fast. With the ever growing changes and advancements it's not really a surprise that various useful CSS tools are released every day.

We went and gathered 10 of the free CSS tools that were released recently. Some of them will be of use to the professionals, others will benefit even those who know nothing about web design and development but own an online business and want it to perform better. We hope these tools will make your life easier, just the way they are supposed to.


Online tool that extracts ids, classes & inline styles from HTML documents and outputs them as a CSS stylesheet.

CSS tool


This tool will convert any SVG images to a set of CSS icons. You can process up to 50 icons at a time with each icon file being 300 kB or less in size. Icons will be limited to 300 x 300 pixels resolution.

free CSS tool

Perfect Icons

A web based tool to create social icons. You don't need to have any coding skills, it's really easy to create custom social icons with this tool. You can even choose colors!

CSS tool


Another online tool, it creates icon fonts from SVGs. You simply need to drag and drop an SVG into the grid and get your icon font.

CSS tool


LESS & SASS customizable typography stylesheet. This is built to be modified as projects grow and develop.

CSS tool

Responsee II

This is a responsive CSS framework. It's lightweight and intuitive. Websites built with this framework are fully responsive, they correctly display content on all devices.

CSS tool


This one is a free online CSS optimization tool. Easy in use, this tool will beautify your CSS and shrink the code to make it lighter and thus faster to load.

CSS tool

CSS Lint

Another online and free tool to help you solve any issues with your CSS code. The too performs a static analysis of your code and flags errors or patterns that might cause problems for the developer.

CSS tool

Code Beautifier

This simple CSS cleanup tool does not have any overwhelming and unnecessary features, it accepts pasted or linked CSS and carefully cleans it up. That's it, simple and easy.

CSS tool


When your code is well-formed and error free this tool will help you make it load even faster by compressing the code to the smallest possible size.

CSS tool

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