10 Main Software Development Types

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Software development is a very broad term that covers various areas. In the modern IT industry, there are many specializations responsible for performing specific tasks. Working together, pros with different skills build an integral project. If you're looking for IT engineers for product design and development and don't know who exactly you need, here are the top 10 directions types to look out for.

1. Full Stack Development

A full-stack specialist is a versatile professional who knows how the software works inside and out and can easily handle tasks on both fronts. This activity requires quite extensive knowledge and places great responsibility on a worker. Finding an engineer who is equally proficient in the right tools can be tricky. Therefore, for some projects, it is acceptable to hire two people to whom different tasks are delegated:

  • front-end — a creation of user interface design;
  • back-end — working with internal systems.

By and large, most areas of software development include these two stages.

2. Desktop Development

This direction specializes in creating programs designed to work on laptops and PCs with systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Some engineers specialize in one system, while others may work with several at once. Also, in most cases, developed products are native, and created for a specific OS. Even though mobile development has received a big impetus, desktop specialists are still in demand. Now apps with comprehensive and complex functionality are still actively used and have no analogs among web or mobile products.

3. Mobile Development

Mobile developers create code that runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. These can be applications and services for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other portable gadgets. As in the case of computer operating systems, specialists can work with Android or iOS individually or with both of them. As a rule, narrow specialists are valued more because it is believed they have a better command of all the nuances.

4. Web Development

This area includes everything related to developing services for use in a browser window, both websites and web applications. The significant advantage of such products is their accessibility from any device. You do not need to install a program or application on your computer or smartphone to use it. Of course, both front-end and back-end development is necessary to create a correctly functioning platform.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud systems are now in great demand. Instead of storing data on physical media, you can buy cloud storage space or organize your own. Engineers create applications and programs with access to a cloud from anywhere in the world. Their other big advantage is scalability, depending on a company's current needs. Modern solutions allow you to migrate to a new cloud and manage all services quickly.

6. API Development

An Application Programming Interface is something that makes life a lot easier for many users. You may need an API for both internal use and customer service. Some companies offer these services as standalone products or as part of a larger system. Through APIs, several programs can communicate, interact, and exchange data, increasing each others' functionality.

7. Security Software Development

Cybersecurity is a hot topic today, so the development of software that provides data protection is especially in demand. Some specialists check the vulnerability of sites and applications to hacking, the presence of backdoors, and other system flaws. This area includes knowledge of fraudsters' methods and tools for damaging or stealing sensitive data.

8. Data Science

Data scientists are skilled at using programming tools to transform large amounts of information into structured systems. The right analytical approach and the availability of advanced business solutions allow them to obtain conclusions and forecasts regarding a wide variety of aspects. This direction is mainly associated not with direct programming but with the use of machine learning languages.

9. Software Tools Development

Programmers and coders need specialized tools to accomplish their tasks. Narrow professionals carry out the creation of such instruments. They are in demand in almost every area. With the help of their products, developers can design, build, and test the systems they create. As you understand, this area is of particular importance for the IT industry.

10. Embedded System Development

Specialists in this area mostly work with hardware, which means that their actions affect the operation of all connected machines and peripherals. Embedded systems are created for the specific software that is on a particular computer. They are responsible for the operation of microcircuits, microprocessors, other programs, or devices and have a narrow list of tasks that they should perform.

Get the Best Software Development Team

There are a lot of modern development directions, and the above list combines only the most basic of them. Putting together a team that will include all the necessary specialists can be tricky on your own. You may think about the benefits of offshoring your software development is now the primary means of hiring tech talent for companies. Understanding the responsibilities and skills of each will help you with this task.

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