3 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Once you've invested a great deal of effort, time, and funds into giving your site the best design and content, the only step left is to start driving traffic. Unfortunately, this can be the most difficult part of the process, as it may require an ongoing strategy and you'll probably have to learn a whole new skill set. Although you could outsource the traffic generation to a marketing firm or SEO specialist, learning how to independently drive traffic will let you reduce the cost of maintaining and promoting your site. That being said, here are three surefire ways you can start boosting your daily page views:

1. Follow SEO Best Practices

Start by getting an SEO extension for your content management system (CMS). Two of the most popular CMS that are great for SEO are Magento and WordPress. Once you've chosen a CMS, you can research the best practices and administrative settings by searching for keywords like “Magento SEO best practices.” All optimization starts on-site, so it makes sense to become familiar with the plugins, extensions, and built-in capabilities that can help you improve SEO within your CMS before looking elsewhere.

2. Post to Social Networks and Other Platforms

Posting content solely on your own site isn't going to help you expand your outreach. In order to increase brand awareness, you should be posting status updates and entertaining posts on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Likewise, you can get some extra traffic by creating a YouTube channel and posting informative and entertaining videos to it regularly. Consider using a social dashboard to simplify the process of posting on many different profiles in a semi-automated fashion.

3. Guest Author on Other Blogs and Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is a legitimate and effective way to attract new visitors to your site and grow your following. To achieve the best results with guest posting, you need to be submitting posts to authoritative sites that receive plenty of traffic and have decent search rankings. By posting links back to your site within your guest posts, you can gain quick boosts in traffic and put your brand in front of more audiences. You can also open up your site to accept guest posts from third-party authors, which gives you the benefit of adding more content to your site while also potentially gaining traffic from readers who follow the social profiles of the guest author.

Strive to Expand Your Web Presence Continually

Growing your daily traffic levels is all about getting more links and content online to represent and refer your brand to new visitors. While each step won't necessarily yield huge results, the effects of your efforts will become noticeable as you continue to post new guest posts on other sites, publish incoming guest posts on your own site, update social statuses, and refine your CMS settings. Once you see what's working, you can create a sustainable schedule that keeps your traffic and search rankings growing month after month.

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