Web Design Basics Design Principles 3 Key Factors You Must Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog

3 Key Factors You Must Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog

While writing a blog, there are certain things you would like to consider. This will help you in bringing up the most effective content for users. Read below and note tips.

Things to keep in mind when writing a blog

1. You are recommended to choose a platform that allows you to host the website yourself. Self-hosting requires a domain name and gives you more options in managing your content while free platforms give you limited options in designing or selecting your theme. Self-hosting provides you numerous themes to work with. You have complete control over your website in self-hosting.

2. Images help greatly to attract more viewers while creating blogs. Many people tend to pick up images and videos from Google. You are suggested to take your photos that are new to users. A new image with quality content is a perfect combination for inspiring blogs.

3. Quality comes over quantity, always! Make sure you provide the best of quality whenever you are writing a blog. Long blogs are still in style but only if it has some informative material. Content that is boring will not be favored by any viewer. They will always take an overview and move on with their task. Focus on providing attractive material for users otherwise, you will not get enough traffic.

How to choose a topic for blog

The topic is the first thing you will have to select. It is obvious that without a topic you will not be able to write a single word. Selecting a topic is not as difficult as it seems. You should be thankful for this internet facility as it helps you through every difficult stage. You can make use of the internet to search for some hot topics.

You must also focus on the type of audience you are writing for before you choose a topic. The title should be catchy if you are writing for youth. Also, try to make your content precise because not all teenagers stay on a single for long. If you are writing for adults, then your topic must be such that it encourages them to learn or implement on something. You can go about writing your blog once you have selected your topic. If you want to have more tips about blogging, is going to be handy for all you need to know.


When starting a blog, it is important to have a platform by which it will be easier for you to post your blog. After great research, we have come to realize that WordPress is a suitable place to start your blog with. Why are we for using WordPress? It is because this platform can give you some options when designing a blog. It will not limit you to anything.

Its customization is easy for usage. On top of that, it also provides you mobile applications so you can work on blogging when you do not have access to your laptop or computer. Its support community helps beginners in all cases. You may contact them whenever you have a difficulty. In short, WordPress is helpful in some places if you view it in detail.

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