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3 of the Richest Blogs in 2017

Running a successful blog is not an easy thing to do, especially when you consider the fact that roughly 1,000 websites are being created every minute in 2017! Nevertheless, it is still possible to turn your blog into a popular, successful and revenue generating site with the help of top tier SEO services, regular inflow of quality, relevant content, persistence and patience. If you have any doubts regarding how successful a blog can really become, take a look at these three extremely rich blog sites which cater to three completely different markets.

Perez Hilton ($575,000/month)

Most of us love a little gossip every now and then, but Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr. aka Perez Hilton has turned it into one of the most successful blogs ever created in any niche. With over half a million dollars coming in from the blog through ad revenues and sponsorship every month, Hilton is not only a small celebrity by himself, but he is also one of the richest bloggers in 2017. His acting ambitions may not have come into fruition like Hilton had hoped earlier in his life, but his blog has managed to get him as close to that ‘rich and famous’ status as possible.

Engadget ($5,500,000/month)

In 2017, the eye-watering figure of five and a half million US dollars per month in earnings was attained by the extremely popular tech blog and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping there. Although Engadget is currently owned and operated by AOL, it was started by legendary blogger Peter Rojas; who also started Gizmodo. Most of its revenues come from ads and sponsorship just like most other blogs and Engadget is currently held as one of the premier names when it comes to quality information about consumer tech in particular.

Huffington Post ($14,000,000/month)

Finally, we come to the richest blog of them all; The Huffington Post. Arriana Huffington started the Huffington Post in 2005 when it only dabbled in politics and life in general with a liberal viewpoint. Of course, it has since expanded into many more news sections regarding lifestyle, business, entertainment, etc. The wildly popular blog was sold by Arriana in 2011 for a whopping $315 million to AOL. However, in just six years, Huffington Post has reached an estimated net worth of $1 billion+, making that $315 million selling price seem so minuscule now. Another one of AOL’s successful acquisitions, the company has still retained the original blogger’s name onto the blog for obvious reasons.

As you can see from the three names mentioned here, successful blogging isn’t as much about choosing a popular topic as it is about choosing the right one. The “right topic” will vary depending on the individual/individuals starting the blog than anything else.

It must be something that you are passionate and informed about, rather than diving into something that you think is in demand right now. At the same time, there is no way to be sure what will work and what won’t. Even if your first blog failed to meet your expectations, don’t give up and instead, treat it as a learning experience, which it absolutely is. Start a second one and use what you had learned and you are sure to see more success than before.

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