Web Design Basics Design Principles 3 Signs That You May Have Hired the Worst Web Designer Ever

3 Signs That You May Have Hired the Worst Web Designer Ever

Web designers are a dime a dozen nowadays. It seems that everybody with some basic knowledge of WordPress and HTP can improvise themselves as web designers and set up shop. However, setting up a good website demands expertise, knowledge of the most recent technologies and a certain level of professionalism. In this article, we’re going to give you some clear signs that you should ditch the designer you’re working with right away.

He Tells You Certain Things Are Impossible

Let’s say you just spotted a great feature on a competing site. You ask your web designer if he can do the same thing and he says, “no, it’s impossible”. Well, that should be a clear sign right there that you should fire him right away. There is absolutely no reason why a project should be feasible on another site and not yours.

That means that he simply doesn’t have the expertise necessary. If he lacks expertise in this area, then you can rest assured that he will lack expertise in many others. This might cause issues later on if you want to integrate other features to your website. It might also mean that he’s simply using templates and filling the blanks and has absolutely no knowledge of programming. Your final site might be full of programming errors and you might have to hire someone specifically to fix these errors later on.

He's Uncharacteristically Cheap

This is another sign of a shoddy web designer. If your site is pretty simple, fine, but in this day and age, a simple HTML site won’t do. Your site should feature things such as PHP, which requires significant programming skills and time. Any site with advanced PHP will require significant work hours and anyone who tells you they can create a website that will be fully integral on all platforms for a few hundred bucks is simply lying. Especially when dealing with responsive sites. Companies that specialize in responsive design will rarely charge less than a thousand dollars for a project.

He Doesn't Maintain Contact

Momentum is essential when building a website and if your designer doesn’t contact you on at least a weekly basis, something is wrong. Especially if he’s inconsistent. If your designer seemed to be attentive and collaborative during your first encounters, but seems to be more evasive and even annoyed when you’re asking for clarifications and features to be added or corrected, stay away.


Finding a great designer isn’t as simple as many may think. Good web designers should be attentive to your needs and stay in constant contact. In addition, they should be abreast of all the recent developments and be able to cater to your needs whatever they may be. And, also, unless you’re looking for something very basic, a good designer will usually not be found on the cheap. So, watch out for any of the signs above and choose wisely if you want the whole process to go smoothly.

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