30% OFF Template Installation and Customization to Every Newsletter Subscriber!

I have great news for each and every subscriber of WebDesignLibrary newsletter! From now on you will receive a 30% discount on templates installation and customization from TemplateTuning.com

For those not familiar - TemplateTuning.com is a team of professional developers and designers that specialize on customization. These guys can do anything, from the smallest thing like changing the logo and pictures on a template to installing a web template, choosing a hosting solution for you, setting up your server for you and basically do everything for your website to be up and running smoothly.

templates installation discount

To get the discount you just need to be subscribed to our newsletter. If you already are a subscriber you will receive a promo-code with my next email, just give the code to the TT support rep when you chat with them and they'll give you a discounted price on whatever service you are interested in.

If you are not a subscriber yet - we never spam, we only send you the most recent design news and deals like this one every couple of weeks. Interested? Subscribe below and get your discount!

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