4 Logo Design Tips

Designing a logo sounds easy right? Well, think twice. Logo designing is not just about putting elements here and there, but rather it entails so much more. With events, organization and brand growing by the day, logo design and designers are in high demand. With a logo, one can communicate an organization's, brand's or an individual’s objectives.

4 Logo Design Tips 1

So, now that you have decided to delve into the world of logo design you need to be prepared. Here are essential logo tips to get you started in your new path of logo designing.

Know the Brand

A logo is a tool for communicating a brand's objectives through an image. In simple terms, it is the introduction to a brand or company. So, before you even think of designing a logo, you need to have the basics first. What do you seek to communicate to the target market? How best do you want the logo to communicate the ideas, values, and objectives of your brand? And what perception are you seeking to arouse from your target market?

Asking these essential questions will set you off the right path. A perfect point to start is by researching other successful visual brands and picking our important elements. Mercedes, Virgin Atlantic, and Apple are some of the most successful brand logos in the world. Let the logos you design have meaning, purpose, and reason behind it. This is what makes successful logos powerful.

Colors Are Everything

Color is a very essential element in logo designs. It is an element that if handled the right way, everything will turn out perfectly, but it becomes a disaster if done the wrong way. Colors communicate different meanings with each having its own implication. Start by thinking about every aspect of your image and then determine how best to use the colors.

Muted color tones convey a message of sophistication, while bright color tones attract attention and pass off as brash. There is a psychology behind colors. For example, blue conveys a message of professionalism, tranquility, and trustworthiness. Orange conveys creativity, youthfulness, and friendliness.

You can incorporate your business colors when designing a logo to reflect your brand.

Keep Things Easy and Simple

Designing a logo should take a balanced approach of quirky and simplicity. Aim to design a logo that is interesting and straightforward. Do not complicate and design something that one must sit down for hours on end trying to figure out what the logo means and what it aims to communicate. Use the recommended logo creator design apps and software with a modern touch.

A good logo should fit in any setting whether an app, different backgrounds, icons, and print media. Consistency now becomes essential. A perfect example is the Adidas logo which has the name Adidas and three stripes. The logo is very simple and can be inverted in several ways while still maintaining the main elements.

Be Open to Change

In the current times of technological advancements, logo design is becoming ever more dynamic. According to Raj Abhyanker, CEO of Trademarkia, coming up with a logo that will be relevant for years seems to be a tall order as the changes in the web is hard to predict. Therefore, you need to craft logos that will transcend years and generations. A classic example is the Coca-Cola logo that has been in existence for over 2 decades.

Nonetheless, most of the current brands have had to make small alterations in their designs as time goes by. Thus, you need to be open-minded when designing your logos and be willing to make the necessary adjustments if need be. Such alterations make the logo relevant to the current situation.

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