Web Design Basics 4 Reasons Live Chat Helps Your Web Design Business Convert and Keep More Clients

4 Reasons Live Chat Helps Your Web Design Business Convert and Keep More Clients

Live chat is quickly becoming a design essential for every business that wants to answer customer and lead questions instantly. That said, freelancers and independent web designers have even more to gain from this affordable, effective communication tool. That's because it helps entrepreneurs improve and grow their business in four, core ways.

Providing instant answers boosts website conversions

It's hard to hold a potential client's attention when there are so many web design options available to them online. That's why live chat is a crucial tool. It allows leads to reach out the second they have a question about hourly rates, website packages, or branding; and keeps them around as they wait for an answer. The extra time they spend on your site could be the difference between a sale and a lost lead!

Plus, over the last several years live chat has become consumers' favorite way to connect with businesses. Even after you've customized your chat box to match your brand, today's buyer is trained to look for this preferred option whether you start a chat with them, or they reach out to you.

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Clients feel like they're getting top-of-the-line service

As a freelancer, it's not uncommon to be on the road between coffee shops or picking up the kids. That hectic schedule can make it hard to find time to sit down at your desk and answer customer questions. Fortunately, live chat tools like Pure Chat offer mobile apps for iOS and Android, so busy business owners can chat on the go. When a new customer wants to chat, you'll be alerted with a notification (just like you are for a text), so you can swipe and respond from your smartphone.

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These casual, instant connections also allow you to be a little less formal than in an email conversation, so your personality can shine through. As a small business genuine, personal connections are what form your brand and help you create lasting partnerships with clients that keep them coming back!

You can spend more time on things that matter

Even though it's an essential task, most small business owners feel like they spend too much time responding to emails from prospects and customers. Luckily, live chat can help reduce the number of emails received and time spent on lengthy exchanges by providing a quicker way to connect. Conversations that used to require multiple back and forth messages over several days (like setting up a call or meeting), take a matter of seconds to coordinate via chat.

If being constantly available to new customer requests sounds daunting, it doesn't have to be. When you're working on crucial tasks that require complete focus, you can go offline and your live chat box will turn into an email form so you can reconnect with leads later.

Live chat is an added value on client websites

Your freelance business isn't the only enterprise that can benefit from live chat. Your clients may have a lot to gain from offering instant answers on their websites as well. Since Pure Chat can be installed on any website in minutes for free, it's a an easy way to add more value to your clients' websites without making an additional time or cost investment. Plus, Pure Chat has as an affiliate program so you can earn a recurring kickback if a client becomes a paid Pure Chat customer to get visitor tracking capabilities.

Want to see if live chat is right for your business? Then check out Pure Chat -- a super simple live chat and visitor tracking software. It's easy to sign up, customize the chat box and begin talking to leads, so get started today!

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