4 Things That Make a Web Design Up to Date

Web design is an engaging discipline that comprises of various aspects of web production and its maintenance. It involves creating a functional website including the way it looks, its color, layout, graphics, images, text styles and interactive features. Every year, new trends in web design emerge. You can easily differentiate a website that is up to date from one that was created years ago.

4 Things That Make a Web Design Up to Date 1

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Here are four things that make a web design up to date:

Use unique fonts

Using unique fonts and typographies will help your website to look up to date. A unique font will help your audience to identify your website quickly compared to other websites. Over the years, there has been development and availability of a variety of fonts that web designers can choose from. Font choice helps the audience to know the kind of website and content you offer. For instance an entertainment website can have more flashy fonts and styles compared to an educational website. However, before choosing a particular font, ensure it is compatible across different browsers and computers.

Use eye-catching videos

Statistics show that a human brain perceives videos faster than text. Incorporating videos on your website will not only make it look up to date, but it will also help the audience to understand key points about the website without reading through blocks of text. Background videos help to explain a concept more efficiently and reduce the content needed to explain. Background videos also help to keep the audience engaged and interested to view even the main video. In addition to background videos, you can also add short videos to help the audience understand key elements about the website.

Use card design

Cards in web design are organized content into small pieces. Unlike in the past where content is on one page and readers have to read through lots of overwhelming texts, cards help the audience to pick what they are interested in on a website and click on it to read more. Card design also help to keep the home page of a website more organized and less crowded with information. As you plan on adopting card design on your website, ensure the cards are responsive. This means that the number of cards displayed on your website should not be affected by the size of a screen or interfered with by different browsers.

Use semi-flat or flat designs

A flat design is a web design element that does not include three dimensions such as shadows. Many companies today are opting for flat designs because they are easier to comprehend for the users. Flat design also load faster and without technical hitches compared to three dimensional designs. If you prefer three dimensional design yet you want the website to look up to date, you can use semi flat designs on your website. However, remaining consistent with the type of design for your website is the key element. Homepage and other pages should use the same design so that the audience understand easily what they are viewing.

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