Site Maintenance 4 Tips For Designing Your Wedding Company's Website

4 Tips For Designing Your Wedding Company's Website

As a wedding company, it can be difficult to set yourself apart digitally. Not only are a lot of companies similar in regards to their service, but they also tend to focus their branding elements in the same way as well. If you’re looking to separate yourself from the herd, then your website is the perfect place to start, and that’s why I’ve compiled a few tips to get you moving in the right direction.

List Your Needs

As it goes with any new creative endeavor, listing out the needs of your business will be crucial to your website’s success. Not only will this help you organize a hierarchy of what should get done first, but also the extras you need to be budgeted out to make your dream website come true. And no matter if it’s hiring additional designers or bringing on a copywriter, knowing the needs of your business is a must to thrive.

Start out by listing the immediate needs you know you can’t live without. For example, as noted by Rosh Sillars, an amateur photographer can cost anywhere between $25 to $100 per hour, which if you’re going to need a lot of photo work for your wedding displays, then it might be wise to save up. Additionally, make sure that you’ve put a contract in place for all your freelancers, which something lawyer Aaron Kelly could help produce. Because as with any great project, it’s good to have your bases covered before you start carving from your foundation.

Figure Out Where Your Partners Are

Another important aspect of your website is knowing exactly who your partners are, as well as who you can list on your site. Although it might sound silly, who your friends are can matter, especially in the wedding industry. Not only will this show your customer base the type of people that you work with, but the type of brand that you associate yourself with. Because as noted by Vision Critical, with brand authenticity coming only second to loyalty discounts when it comes to millennial buying power, this is a great aspect to convey, and something with which your partners can help tremendously.

A big thing with partners is showcasing the type of value you mutually show one another. While somewhat of an implied feeling, it lends both sides the ability to say that they’re doing right with the other. For example, if I’m a popular wedding blogger who works with Azazie to develop promoted content, then they’d get publicity on my website while they provide me with a product I can showcase. Thinking in terms like this can help quite a bit, as your partners will be what provides you the most value in carving out your digital foundation.

Don’t Forget About Your Blog

While not all of us are looking to become the next Hemingway for the wedding industry, keeping a blog is imperative to grow your audience, as well as increase your visibility. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, with 615 million devices currently running an ad blocker, content has become a primary way to advertise yourself. Whether you write about the newest diets before a wedding or how to find the best deals of venues, your blog is going to be a hub for people to learn about your brand.

In regards to the type of content you’re trying to distribute an important piece of note is to play to your strengths. For example, if you find yourself a more talented photographer than a writer, then focus on getting good at the visual aspects of your posts. Additionally, regardless of whatever you’re doing, make sure that you keep at it consistently as producing content regularly is going to be something that will bring about much more traction. All-in-all, think in terms of overarching execution with your blog posts, as that will help you execute cohesively on a regular basis.

Include A Solid Call-To-Action

Finally, as any solid website should, having a great call-to-action is a must. According to Protocol80, more than 90 percent of visitors that read your headline also read your call-to-action, which is a staggering number of visitors. And for your wedding website, try to focus on the timing aspects of things, such as booking an appointment or setting up a consultation. Believe it or not, little aspects like that of your content can go a long way and should be something you should implement with your website as well.

What are some web design elements that you’re excited to implement within your wedding company’s website? Comment with your answers below!

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