4 Valuable Factors Your Web Designer Should Consider

One question that would probably enter your mind once you decide to create your business website is about how the design of your website can impact your business success. If you're not yet convinced of your website’s impact on your business success, you need to free yourself of such skepticism.

There is surely a plethora of studies that show how nicely-built sites readily increase customer traffic and improve conversion rates. Hence, if you have an old website that seems to be ineffective in bringing in clients, you should give it a facelift. If you don’t have a website, however, you need to make one, and configure it in such a way that it will be well-built and well-designed.

Reasons abound as to why a well-designed website can bring benefits to your business. If you want to generate more business opportunities, it is but imperative that you hire the right person to properly configure your site. Your choice of a web designer will surely have so many repercussions on the success of your business. Hence, your web designer should have these following considerations in mind when creating or updating your website:

1. Show Brand Consistency

Your site is the online representation of your business, and as such it should embody your business brand. Hence, your web designer should carefully choose the colors and images to incorporate into your site. Your logo should also be shown on your site's pages so that your prospective customers can readily associate your business with your logo. Better association creates better branding for your business.

2. Make Your Site Easily Navigable

This is probably the most important aspect of your site. You don't want to frustrate your prospective customers when they reach your landing page. If your site is not easily navigable, chances are you’ll lose those prospective clients. Hence, make sure that your site’s list of labels and navigation bars are well-set. If your web designer is really good, he could make the navigation system really cool and easy to comprehend. Moreover, he should make the navigation system understandable even to those with minimal knowledge of computers.

3. Proper Placement and Patterns

A good web designer will surely take into consideration the reading behavior of visitors. Typically, visitors have patented reading behavior and would usually start reading from top to bottom. A good designer, therefore, will surely place the most valuable details in the left-hand corner of the uppermost column. This will allow the visitors to immediately see your most important business information.

4. Configure Your Website to Allow for Guest Posting

Practically every SEO expert would tell you: "Content is King!". Your web designer therefore should know this and should make provisions for easy guest posting. Your site design should be made in such a way that your readers will find it easy to access and read your content. Lastly, if you have good content, other sites may link to your content, which may lead to more visitors, and eventually to better ranking on the SERP for your site.

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