5 Amazing WordPress Web Design Trends to Follow in 2023

WordPress, which first appeared online in 2003, has developed significantly over time.

WordPress is the go-to when picking a web development platform. Whether you're wondering if WordPress is still important, consider that it powers 43.3% of all websites. The fact that it may evolve in response to advances in technology and other factors has contributed to its widespread adoption.

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WordPress website development allows you to make interesting websites, and another big advantage is that it's very customizable. In order to have a website designed specifically for your requirements, you may use a method like PSD to WordPress conversion.

Your site will always seem modern since the platform is constantly updated with new features and trends. This article will discuss WordPress Web Design Trends that will make your website popular in 2023.

Statistics on WordPress Use

Surely you're familiar with companies like TechCrunch, Sony Music, Katy Perry the canon Star Wars weblog, and BBC America. What exactly do you think unites all of them? To put it simply, it's WordPress. WordPress development for websites has been considered by all of them. In addition to being the most popular website builder, it is also a popular CMS.

Let's look at some numbers.

  • WordPress is the engine that drives 14.7% of all websites.
  • There are now more than 55,000 plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, and more are being uploaded every day.
  • More than 70 million online stores are run on WordPress.
Trends in WordPress-Based Website Development

Understanding the current best practices for Custom WordPress development companies in the year 2023 will put your business in a league of its own.

1. WordPress VIP

You read it correctly; WordPress is no longer the domain of just micro and small enterprises. If you're a major corporation in need of a WordPress website, WordPress VIP is your best bet. WordPress VIP, in contrast to the free, community-driven WordPress.com, is designed for large businesses and heavy traffic. There isn't a more reliable or safe managed hosting platform than this one.

WordPress VIP allows companies to increase their content's impact to the furthest extent possible. They'll be able to see how well it does and expand their content creation to reach more people. Lots of popular websites utilize WordPress VIP, like Spotify, Facebook, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Quartz, and many more besides.

Businesses looking to make a significant impact and expand their operations will find WordPress VIP to be an ideal solution. Let's check out the distinctions between WordPress VIP and standard WordPress hosting.

Intentionally designed to accommodate the needs of multi-location corporations. Let's figure out how it plans to achieve that goal.

WordPress VIP: Why You Should Consider It

  • It's a full-featured network administration system that lets you do anything from managing users and their information to share and distribute material to keeping tabs on how well your site is doing.
  • With the help of WordPress VIP and Parse.ly, you can easily analyze the efficacy of your content and make educated choices based on hard facts.
  • With features like a built-in CDN and Enterprise Search Service, round-the-clock monitoring, and hourly backups, you can easily grow and keep tabs on your system's performance.
  • Due to its status as the only enterprise WordPress supplier to achieve both SSAE SOC compliance and FedRAMP authorisation, this service places a premium on worldwide security.
  • Single Sign-On, end-to-end authentication of traffic from the edge to the origin, and Two-Factor Authentication are all supported on this safe cloud platform (2FA).
  • Apart from that, WordPress VIP doesn't rely on any external services, just its own hardware.
2. WordPress 6.1 with ReactJ2

WordPress, a widely used Content Management System (CMS), may be used to create both simple and complex websites. WordPress is committed to timely release of its version upgrades, and before the end of 2022, you will have access to WordPress 6.1.

It enables you to combine the power of WordPress with the flexibility of ReactJS on the front end. Surely you are wondering what the big deal is with ReactJS.

Why was ReactJS selected for WordPress 6.1?

An open-source JavaScript library, ReactJS is often used in the creation of user interfaces. This library's usefulness lies in the fact that its components may be deployed rapidly, cutting down on unnecessary scutwork. ReactJS is the preferred framework for WordPress web development firms since it provides more flexibility when creating a WordPress website. The upgrade process is sped up by the usage of virtual DOM, making it more convenient than upgrading the DOM in the user's browser.

As a result, companies may use WordPress and get the advantages of ReactJS. Let's figure out the mechanics, shall we?

Advantages of ReactJS in Web Development

  • Code Component Reuse
  • One, it's a free, publicly-available, GUI-focused JavaScript library. It's designed to get UI jobs done faster and better. With ReactJS, components built once may be used again in various applications. ReactJS is the best library available if precision is a must. With ReactJS, you may get started on the app's development with no prior coding experience.

  • Increased Speed
  • Due to its superior rendering service speed, ReactJS is the preferred choice of every serious WordPress frontend developer. Building a website using ReactJS is a vast improvement over older methods. This JavaScript package makes it simple to symbolize many functions, too. The REDUX is capable of rendering the page's essential elements again.

  • Presentation Distinction and Data Separation
  • Crucial information for building websites is lost during the rendering process. Nevertheless, with ReactJS, professionals may temporarily store this crucial information in React State. Data may be sent to REDUX from any source via the REST API. Whereas ReactJS aids in the full segregation and display of this data.

3. WooCommerce

Surely you've observed the meteoric rise of the online retail sector. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that allows companies to quickly and easily create an online store. In addition, with the touch of a button, this WordPress plugin may transform an existing WordPress site into an online store.

According to Statista, it has a 36.68 percent share of the global e-commerce platform market. Based on these metrics, it can be predicted that integrating WooCommerce into WordPress will become a standard practice for WordPress site designers.

This plugin stands out from the crowd because of its adaptability and user-friendliness. Every so often, updates are released for the WooCommerce plugin that include new features specifically designed to fulfill the demands of online retailers.

Reasons to Use WooCommerce When Creating eCommerce Websites

  • Product Improvements
  • WooCommerce allows you to expand the functionality of your product pages. There is a correlation between a product's visual attractiveness and its sales success.

    WooCommerce enables the use of aesthetically pleasant media such as high-resolution photos, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, infographics, a 360-degree image capability, etc. Products with a more alluring appearance are more likely to be purchased. Add videos to your product pages to show how the product is used, what it does, and how it looks.

  • Shopping Experiences That Are Unique
  • If you want to attract and retain consumers, personalization is the key. Customers' geolocation data may be used in conjunction with WooCommerce to give them relevant discount coupons and tracking numbers according to their nation, state, or area.

  • Superior Adaptability
  • Companies' ability to offer a wider range of items is a major perk of using WooCommerce. It may be anything from hair care items to sofas, books to invitations to online seminars and webinars, and everything in between.

4. Text to Speech

Correct! WordPress may produce audio files from website content. Since audio may increase website interactivity, it's the greatest WordPress development trend.

This trend is excellent for commuters and exercisers. This capability lets website users listen to your material. It's a godsend for folks who are blind or have limited eyesight and those who would rather listen to a long essay than read it on a mobile device.

ResponsiveVoice Text to Speech, Voicer, Trinity Audio, and BeyondWords Plugins are WordPress text-to-speech plugins. A respectable WordPress development business can incorporate text-to-speech plugins into your website.

5. Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are an effective method for facilitating simple two-way communication between humans and robots. It keeps the lines of communication open between businesses and their clients. On top of that, it can process user questions made through text, speech, or any combination of the two, and provide instantaneous feedback.

Using a chatbot on a company's website is a great way to improve customer service and save time. They can provide speedy and effective service to customers with the help of chatbots. Custom WordPress development Company with chatbot integration is an option for businesses.

WordPress's Bright Future

As a result, you now have them. Perhaps some are already recognizable to you, while others are brand new. Keep these WordPress development trends in mind while you create a new WordPress-based website or revamp an old one.

Use them to boost your brand's online visibility and satisfaction ratings from customers. Working with a hired WordPress developer may help you incorporate these developments into a website that is ready for the market.

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