5 Brilliant Ideas for Holiday Season You Can Use On Your Website

Holiday seasons are incredibly important for the consumers and business owners alike, seeing as how the euphoria surrounding it does wonder for the phenomenon of impulse buying. Sure, right before Christmas everyone’s rushing to buy a present for their loved ones but the boost for your sales doesn’t end there. You see, due to the fact that they are already spending so much, during this part of the year people are incredibly susceptible to discounts and other types of time-limited offers.

Still, this also means that every single one of your competitors will also hope to exploit this opportunity. This being said, here are five brilliant holiday season ideas you might use on your website in order to gain a competitive edge.

1. Present them with benefits of shopping online

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that buying in traditional retail may seem as sort of a tradition for most of your customers, which is why you should open with the advantages of buying online. Saving gas, time and avoiding lines are just some of the things you could use to enhance your offer. Apart from this, the use of website navigation definitely beats roaming through an overcrowded store on Black Friday.

2. Work on your loading time

According to one survey, after failing to load for just 4 seconds, about 25 percent of your entire audience will abandon your website. This is something to take into consideration especially if your website already has problems with loading time. The holiday season is bound to bring you an increase in traffic, which is why loading time optimization should be taken care of ahead of time.

3. Improve your visibility

It isn’t a secret that a lot of people simply don’t have the patience to thoroughly explore all of their options. This is why about 95 percent of all Google searches end on page 1, while 33 percent of them go to the No. 1 position. This being said, you need to make sure your website improves its visibility and one of the ways to do so is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this way, once all the e-shoppers start looking for an ideal place where to spend their holiday budget, you will be quite easy for them to find.

5 Brilliant Ideas for Holiday Season You Can Use On Your Website 1

4. Personalization

Return business is an incredibly lucrative phenomenon due to the fact that only 8 percent of your regular customers amount to about 40 percent of your entire profit. Apart from this, you might already have some data on those who have previously bought something from you, or at least browsed through your goods. This means that now you have the option of guiding their search to something similar, something they have a greater chance of buying.

5. A quick checkout process

Finally, in order to give your customers an optimal shopping experience you need to optimize your checkout process. In other words, you need to make it possible for them to make a purchase in as few steps as possible. This way, you are reducing the chance of them getting cold feet somewhere in the middle of the process, as well as creating a positive customer experience (CX), which might, yet again, turn some of them into return customers.

In conclusion

While each of the above-listed five might increase your odds next season, they are nothing more than a tip of the iceberg of all the options you have ahead. For instance, you could try to boost your sales with new gift cards or further improve the overall CX with a layout that is more mobile-friendly. Still, the five items discussed above are probably issues that you should address first.

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