Site Maintenance 5 Facts You May Not Know About Mobile Indexing

5 Facts You May Not Know About Mobile Indexing

Google remains one of the most preferred search engines across the globe due to its intuitive way of coping with the trends of users. This is where mobile first indexing, a concept that is gaining fame by the day, comes in to play. With the realization that more searches are made via mobile phones than desktop computers, Google is changing its ranking system from desktop to mobile-first indexing. This piece gives nuggets on some of the unknowns about mobile indexing, including:

mobile indexing

Mobile-first indexing may not affect your site ranking after all

Mobile-first indexing, as the name suggests, implies that Google will consider the mobile version of your site first when determining how you rank both on mobile and desktop. Even though this sounds like such a big deal, there’s no cause for alarm for most people, especially if you have a WordPress site. Such sites usually have a responsive design, implying they display same content on mobile and desktop. Thus, there is no need to be disquieted unless your content is different on desktop and mobile.

You can get expert help to tackle mobile indexing

You should not get in a fluster about mobile indexing when you can get professional help to ascertain you are not affected by the system. By consulting search engine optimization experts like Searchable, you can free up your time for other useful tasks of your business. To achieve the heights you envision without getting overwhelmed by your ranking on Google, opt for the help of SEO professionals.

There is still time before the full implementation of the mobile indexing

The question of when the mobile-first indexing gets live and starts to affect your ranking is one that should not go unanswered. Thankfully, there is still time to make any necessary changes in your site to boost your mobile content. By last year, only a few sites that were perceived ready got affected by this system, which is still very much in its testing periods.

It's all anchored on the user experience

The best way to ensure mobile-first ranking doesn’t affect you negatively is to ensure remarkable user experience to all who visit your site. Your content should be similar both on desktop and mobile. Furthermore, ensure that your site is responsive on both desktop and mobile. This will prove beneficial as your site traffic also plays a huge role on how you rank on Google, and consequently how your business performs.

Your desktop site is still valuable

Google console allows you to view your traffic. If your traffic is mostly desktop, you should be careful to maintain it rather than focus on your mobile site which has less traffic. Furthermore, if you have no mobile site, the desktop site is used for your ranking, though you will be ranked lower in this case. You should balance your site contents so that they are similar and of the same quality. Thus, the best strategy during these times is one which does not focus on the mobile site at the expense of the desktop site.

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