5 Ideas to Make Your Web Design User-Friendly and Efficient in 2018

To land up in a beautiful web-page all of a sudden can’t be an unusual incident for any of us nowadays, thanks to the fact that we all are almost internet-freaks!! So, after we end up with such a page we usually exclaim, “It is certainly one of the most appealing pages!!” But, within a minute, we dramatically change our tune if we just can’t find anything that we’ve been looking for! Then, out of frustration and anger, we end up abandoning the page while vowing for never return again. Now, can it be a point? It can’t!! Right?

So, if you are onto online business then you need to take care of the fact that your audience doesn’t have to suffer from any such mess. Now, if you are the designer then you need to define a good and effective website as something which can be used easily by the users.

However, to help you in doing so, I have come up with the five most vibrant and striking web-designing trends which you can opt in 2018 without any more delay! Just have a look!

1. Consider the F and the Z of page reading

When people look at any web-page then they either scan it in F pattern or in the Z pattern. The difference between the two types of scanning procedures lies in how the person goes down after the scan is done from the top, either he or she goes down and across (when the page is not rich in text) or they go straight down and then move towards the left-hand side (when the page is highly rich in text).

So, in 2018, you need to design the web-pages in such a way that your most significant elements should be either along the top, in the middle when you work with attractive images or down in the left direction if your website is not text-based. It’s because it will be onto these portions where users could notice it clearly.

2. Get rid of the hamburger button

Am I getting nerd? Well, not exactly!! What I am trying to mean with this term- ‘hamburger button’ is nothing but the three bars which looks kind of similar to a hamburger. Now, coming to my point, a lot of designers nowadays have started using this button while bearing an idea in their mind that this would serve as the most exciting part where the extra menus would rush!

But, in reality, the scenario is quite opposite!

Yes! Apart from the lot of youngsters who are familiar with this button because of their habit of playing with Apple products, not most of them know about this. So, I am asking you not to use it very frequently. It’s because if you do so then you will end up making the browsing episodes harder for those people who didn’t learn how to speak with emoticons.

3. Page hierarchy is important

Your users can certainly feel how you’ve arranged your pages. They should never get into any kind of frustrated clickfest while browsing through your website to identify where they exactly want to go. Moreover, it’s not a tough task to avoid such clickfests!! You just have to ensure that the pages which you have designed are easily reachable from one centralized menu.

Remember that not only your users would prefer your website if you do so but also the bots of Google will appreciate it as well. Thus, the information that you will collect in your pages would be represented in their algorithms. It will be definitely an extra perk for you! Isn’t it?

4. Choose your colors smartly

Yes! Colors do matter a lot when it comes designing your website. Some colors affect engagement, others influence reliability, and a few others impact what kind of audience you want to entice. So, before fixing a particular color for your website and splattering it across your page just because it looks good, take your time to find out how such

Don’t forget to ensure that all your ideas about the visual contents that you need to showcase are very keenly considered. It’s because your audience takes their first glimpse of such things!!

5. Videos are trending!

Yes! People really like videos a lot. Moreover, I hope that you too do the same. Right? I mean, if you are a designer, then why wouldn’t you like something that can engage a huge number of consumers and let your website attract a continuous traffic? Also, the statistics suggest that the conversion rate in any landing page can increase by 80% if you incorporate videos, videos can skyrocket the engagement rate by 22% and so on.

So, keeping these previous statistics in mind, I think that videos will be booming in 2018 like never before! So, even if you feel that they are an investment of time still you’ve to agree with me that such an investment is almost well worth it.

Final Touch

Thus, don’t wait anymore! Just opt for these absolutely useful and efficient web designing trends for your website soon. On doing so, you will definitely end up counting your website one among the most visited ones at the end of 2018.

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