5 Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Online Brand

In today’s digital age where people depend on the internet for most of their information and communication needs, online presence and brand awareness go hand in hand. In fact, marketing experts agree that building a strong online brand is tantamount to making a good first impression with your customers. In other words, your brand represents you when you are not directly available.

Like all tried and true business tactics, building a strong online brand takes time and hard work. In the dawning age of the internet, it may have been enough to get by on a shoddy website filled with empty buzzwords and shady search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Since then, however, Google has gotten much better at weeding out bad websites and customers have become technologically savvy enough to differentiate snake oil salesmen from the real thing. There’s no way around it: in order to achieve brand success, you must first prove your credibility.

What are the elements of a successful online brand? Just how do you establish credibility in such a competitive market? The simple answer is this: visibility, authority and authenticity. When customers are not only aware of your brand but also trusting of it, then they will be more willing to retain your product/services. With that in mind, let’s go over the seven surefire ways to enhance your online brand.

#1 Brand Consistency Is Key

Can you describe what your brand is about in a short powerful statement? It is important to figure out your brand’s unique identity and represent it consistently across all channels (websites, social networks and so on). This helps create an impression and reinforce what your business is really about in the minds of consumers. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds comfort. And comfort is an invaluable asset when it comes to drawing in potential customers.

Achieving brand consistency isn’t as simple as coming up with a catchy tagline. Your brand identity should be imbued into everything surrounding your business, from your logo to your letterhead to the voice you use on your website. If you send mixed signals with inconsistent branding, you may leave potential customers confused and wary of your brand.

#2 Put Positive Customer Testimonials on Display

When you shop for a product online, what’s the first thing you do? That’s right, you browse reviews. The more five-star reviews you see, the more likely you are to hit the checkout button. The same applies to brands. Customer testimonials aren’t there just to boost your ego. Like reviews, they have tremendous power to persuade potential customers to seek out your business. Take advantage of the great customer relationships you already have by sharing client testimonials on your website and other channels.

#3 Don’t Forget the Press

Promoting your brand through press releases is a very effective and inexpensive way to boost brand visibility and recognition. It adds to your brand’s legitimacy in the eyes of consumers. Make sure you have a section on your website that features your appearances in the press. This way, people will see that your brand is associated with publications they are familiar with, thus increasing its clout and trustworthiness.

#4 Avoid Using Jargon

You want to connect with consumers, not alienate them. Instead of using fancy industry terms, speak to them in a language they can understand. Also, avoid writing long paragraphs with complex sentences. Unless you’re trying to sell a novel, you should communicate your ideas as clearly and simply as possible. After all, attention is not easily gained. Do not squander the attention you get by scaring people away with heady language.

#5 Become a Resource of Quality Content

Any marketing expert will tell you that quality content is at the heart of every successful marketing strategy today. It increases your visibility, establishes your authority and helps cultivate relationships with customers and other influencers. Start a blog. Offer free downloadable guides and e-books. Better yet, set up an online course on your website. Educate your customers like an industry leader would and they will come to view you as one. This will set you apart from your competitors.

One final point: don’t imitate other people’s success, create your own success. Be authentic and unique. Excavate your personality, find your strong suit and stick with it. If you’re a better writer than speaker, update your blog frequently and contribute guest posts to other authoritative websites. If you’re good on video, start a YouTube channel and gain a following. As long as you’re honest with yourself about your brand’s value, people will pick up on it.

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