5 Tips For Designing a Website For Your CBD Gummies Business

As you prepare to launch your CBD gummy business, your website should be a key consideration. The CBD market is flooded with competitors and it is important to know how to make your company stand out if you want to have success.

Verma Farms has combined strong SEO and affiliate strategies in order to build a web presence for their CBD Gummies. They rely on solid, reliable marketing strategies to help elevate their high-quality products in the market. And they manage to navigate the laws regarding product claims with skill. Verma Farms has designed their website for success and you can too.

1. Do Not Make Medical Claims

The FDA has not approved any CBD gummy products for medical use. In fact, the only form of CBD approved for medical use in the United States, is Epidiolex. CBD is the active ingredient in this drug designed to treat certain kinds of seizures. Outside of Epidiolex, all other claims are—so far—scientifically unsubstantiated according to the FDA. Restrictions cover ?9-THCP (?9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol) and CBDP (Cannabidiphorol) cannabinoids too. Read more about Tetrahydrocannabiphorol and its power not yet known to thcp science in this article.

People may be using CBD to treat symptoms ranging from chronic pain, to anxiety, to acne. But you cannot make unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of CBD if you want to stay out of trouble. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission reported that they sent letters to businesses demanding they stop making medical claims in their ads earlier this year. And they said they are planning to send out more in the near future.

You may not be able to post medical claims about your CBD gummies directly on your website, but you can post customer testimonials and reference approved research articles. One strategy many CBD businesses use to skirt the issue, is to make their customer reviews front and center on their website.

However you decide to approach your marketing, just make sure you are up to date on the legalities of any claims you make about CBD before you put it out there on the market. If you haven’t already, you may want to hire an attorney who can help you navigate the complicated legalities.

With the online CBD market growing at such a rapid pace, some web-developers are now specializing in creating a great website for your CBD gummy business. It may be worth consulting with these developers, because they will be able to help you make the most of what you are allowed to say, and how to say it, to stay within the limits of the law.

2. Establish Shipping and Payment Restriction Rules

If you are running your CBD gummy business online, you have access to customers all over the world. But it is not legal to sell or ship CBD products all over the world. Even within the United States, laws vary state-by-state. In Colorado, there are few regulations about who your customers can be. But in Virginia, consumers have to have a prescription.

Even if you stay up-to-date on cannabis and hemp laws, the average consumer does not. So it is helpful to purchase a plug-in for your website that will facilitate shipping and payment restriction rules. This is the best way to ensure customers do not order something that is illegal in their location. Having a plug-in to take care of processing the rules will save you time, money, and hassle.

3. Choose Your Audience

You need to know who you are going to target with your marketing before you build your brand. When you decide who you would like to focus your brand toward, do some market research to figure out what others in the CBD business are doing.

The reason the CBD market is exploding right now, is that new populations are opening up to the product on a daily basis. With the destigmatization of hemp and its derivatives, people are taking a second look at CBD. More educational material is coming out daily, making it clear to everyone that CBD is not the same thing as THC. And people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of using items derived from hemp.

This means that diverse groups of people are trying CBD for the first time. According to Entrepreneur, athletes are discovering CBD products to speed up post-workout recovery. And baby-boomers are another population finding CBD gummies an attractive option to help aching joints.

4. Build Your Brand

Now that you know who you want to focus your marketing attention on, it is time to build your brand. Your brand is everything about how your company presents itself. Colors, logo, writing tone, even user interface of the website and who your affiliates are, all make up your company’s brand.

If you gear your marketing toward athletes, your website will look very different than it would if you were marketing to corporate executives, or parents of young families, or senior citizens. Keep this in mind when you choose the prominent colors on your website. Make sure you are choosing the right affiliate sites to market with in order to target the audience you are after.

5. Focus On SEO Strategy

Because there are so many restrictions on paid advertising and social media presence for hemp products, it is imperative that you boost your appearance in search engines. You can achieve this by making sure new content is regularly posted to your site through updates to your pages and blog posts. Do keyword research and make sure you are maximizing their use along with tags.

Affiliate sites are another way to get yourself in front of your customers. They will share and promote your website for a small commision on sales originating from their site. This does not technically count as paid advertising, and may be a good option for getting your company out there with minimal financial risk.

Final Thoughts

Building a website for your CBD gummy company may seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down into simple steps, and outsource the work you can’t do on your own, it becomes a lot more manageable. Hire an attorney to advise you on legal issues, or hire a web-developer who specializes in building sites for companies in the hemp industry. Pick your audience, and gear your marketing to them. Get a solid SEO strategy together. If you take these steps, you will be on the right track to build the online leg of your CBD gummy business.

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