5 Tips to Choosing a Winning Website Design in 2018

It’s hard to sell products and services on the internet without a website. With a website, you have unlimited opportunity of selling your stuff to people that are far from your area. On the other hand, designing a great website has only become easier. In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire a web designer. This is because you can build the website on your own thanks to the free utility software that are available on the internet. However, having a website alone is not enough. The website must make it easier for your customers to shop or they will bounce away to another portal that’s more user friendly. Below are tips that should guide you when designing a website that will serve as an online store.

1. Don’t Congest the Homepage

The homepage is the one that summarizes everything about your online store. Visitors can tell what you have to offer by just looking at your homepage. However, most try to impress their potential visitors by crowding the homepage with content that includes pictures, videos, texts and sidebars. This is actually a huge mistake that should be avoided at all times.

When the homepage is crowded with stuff, visitors get confused because they don’t know the path they should take when they want to check all the offers that you have listed. Nowadays businesses are using their packaging to advertise their products to improve their appeal. This is because research has proved that most customers are influenced by the packaging of the product. You should consider using custom packaging by Packwire.

2. Get High Quality Images

Regardless of the marketing strategies that you use your website, you just have to use appealing images. When choosing pictures for a website, you should be guided by the message you want to put across. You should therefore select such images with a lot of care because they might fail creating the emphasis you want. For best results, it’s recommended you avoid using free photos because you will rarely come across an image that corresponds to your message. In fact, when you decide to use such free pictures, you can only get images that are close to what you are looking for.

3. Bank on Readability of Font

If you want to encourage people to read your content, it’s important you make sure they can read the text without straining their eyes. Nowadays internet users prefer to visit sites that text in big fonts. Remember, your visitors want to use the few minutes they have to determine whether you have what they are looking for or not. You can enhance the readability of your text by adding a bright background color that doesn’t absorb the color of the font.

4. Ease of Navigation

Internet users give priority to websites that are easy to navigate. If visitors feel overwhelmed when navigating through your website, they may not come back next time because they will probably look for an alternative. You should therefore embrace simplicity in your design. In fact, visitors should be able to switch from one page to another without worrying whether they are doing the right thing. Just remember that the visitors are shopping virtually so you won’t be there to help them select what they want.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile Users

Failing to incorporate mobile users into your website can spell doom for your online store. We are in 2018, an year where most internet users browse on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a matter of fact, there are very few people that use computers. This is because they don’t give them the benefit of shopping while on the go. People generally prefer mobile devices because they are highly portable. You see, with a computer, you have to remain confined in a room because the device is bulky. You must therefore ensure that your website can be accessed via mobile devices or you will hardly have any visitors.

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