5 Tips to Helping Your Keywords Move Your Page to the Top

Keywords are phrases that are commonly used by people when looking for information on the internet. The good thing about keywords is that they generate high number of visitors without requiring the website owner to spend a dime. However, using keywords to increase your website ranking is a complicated affair. For starters, there is no guarantee that your keywords will earn you any traffic. In addition to that, it takes a while, sometimes ages, for you to start experiencing meaningful results. Moreover, there are many businesses in the same niche market that are battling for a spot on the first page of search engine results. But there is a reward for those that make it all the way to the robot. Here is a list of tips that can help you you’re your keywords to the top of the first page.

5 Tips to Helping Your Keywords Move Your Page to the Top 1

1. Integrate Keywords with Links

Although keywords are capable of attracting visitors to your website through organic search, it they don’t guarantee that they will convert into buyers. The surest way of boosting your keywords to the top of the rankings is by integrating them with links. This is because people find it difficult to ignore keywords that have been highlighted with a hyperlinks. The advantage of it all is that everyone that clicks on the link will be redirected to your website and possibly buy whatever you are offering.

The content that contains such keywords should be published as guest posts or shared on social networks. Besides that, you should ensure that your keywords are descriptive. Such keywords make it easy for visitors to understand what they will find after clicking the link. Research actually suggests that internet users don’t trust links that are not descriptive. This explains why phrases like “click here” no longer attract many visitors.

2. Select Keywords with Low Competition

When you use Keyword Planner by Google, you will see that there are those that have high competition and those that have low competition. Competition is actually determined by the number of businesses are using it to get traffic. As a small business owner, it’s advisable you focus on keywords that have low competition. This helps in ensuring you get a considerable number of unique visitors every month because there are not many businesses that are using the keywords you have chosen. If you don’t know how to do such an analysis, you should consider contracting reputable internet marketing professionals such as Houston seo consultants.

3. Update your Keywords Regularly

Some people imagine that a keyword is used once and for all. The truth is that you must continue updating your keywords for them to remain useful in the long run. This is because the ranking of keywords keeps on changing. In fact, a keyword that had low competition this month might have high competition in the next five months. If you therefore don’t update your keywords, you will end up losing traffic.

4. Select Keywords That are Right for Your Niche

There is a reason why keywords are organized into categories of niches. When selecting keywords, you should narrow down to those that are aligned with your niche market. This is because choosing irrelevant keywords will not earn you the conversions that you need. Even the search engines will not allow your website to come close to the first page of search engine results.

5. Avoid Stuffing Content with Keywords

Some people will tell you to stuff your content with keywords because you will earn more traffic. Stuffing keywords will actually work against you. Although nobody knows the algorithm that’s used by search engines, they certainly don’t give priority to content that has one keyword repeated over and over. You only need to insert a specific keyword once in your content. Overdoing it will only cause the quality of your content to be poorly rated.

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