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5 Tips To Learning About The Newest SEO Trends

The world of SEO is constantly evolving. Google is constantly making algorithm changes every now and then. The SEO strategies that worked 5 years ago may be irrelevant now and those that are currently in use may lose relevance a few years to come. As such, it is important that you keep learning the new SEO trends as they develop.

Here are 5 tips to learning about the newest SEO trends:

1. Stay Connected With SEO Thought Leaders Through Social Media

To get a grip on the newest SEO trends, you’ll need to stay connected with SEO thought leaders via social media. It is on these social media platforms that they share the latest content about the SEO industry. The major social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These SEO thought leaders have relationships and connections with industry insiders who give them advance notices on changes or general fluctuations in the industry. Keeping connected with these leaders will help you learn about the newest SEO trends that are happening.

2. Stay Subscribed To SEO Blogs

There are numerous SEO blogs filled with rich valuable content. You can use these blogs to educate yourself on general SEO topics and keep up to speed with the latest advancements happening in the SEO world.

You should get in the habit of browsing through SEO blogs regularly to get tips and news on SEO. Consider receiving email alerts once new content is published on the blogs to ensure that you never miss a thing. Subscribe to authority blogs that offer accurate reliable information.

3. Go To The Source, Google

There is no better avenue to use to learn about the newest SEO trends than to go the source itself, Google. Google shares a lot of information about changes made regarding search engine policies and general algorithm updates on the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

You can also set up Google alerts and receive emails any time a page with search terms that you provide it with appears on Google. For example, you can set up a Google Alert for SEO algorithm changes or SEO news. This way, you can stay informed of what’s new on SEO and keep learning the latest trends.

4. Browse Through SEO Forums

SEO experts discuss algorithm theories and changes that Google may be aiming at on SEO forums. One such popular forum is Reddit with millions of visitors on it. There are numerous forums related to SEO that you can read and stay informed on SEO updates.

Other authoritative forums for SEO you can follow are SEOChat, SEO Forums, and Webmaster Central. Browsing through this will help you learn the latest trends in SEO.

5. Form SEO Streams On Twitter

Most of the SEO agencies and experts make use of Twitter as a platform to talk about the things that are happening in the SEO industry. To create a stream, you can use certain terms like Google algorithm changes or Google updates.

Additionally, you can also follow some of the SEO profiles and get to ask the SEO experts some questions. Out of this, you’ll be able to access industry insider information which will keep you informed on the latest SEO trends. You’ll keep learning more without missing out on anything.


These tips will help you keep learning about the newest SEO trends. Check out this inspiring success story of a London SEO expert.

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