5 Tricks to Increase Sales

To attract customers’ attention to the site is only half the battle. It is much more difficult to make them buy something or, at least, to bring about the necessary key action - the lead. We offer to your attention 5 ways that will certainly help to turn the site visitors into the clients.


To decide on the Internet purchases is a bit harder than to shop in real life. This is largely due to the depersonalized seller and the limited amount of information. But the situation can be remedied by means of online chats. The American Marketing Association studies indicate that even in B2B, the conversion was raised by 20%. B2C sector improvements reached 100% or higher. All major market players, especially those whose sales are performed entirely online, have the live chat on the site. Stakers Casino is among thousands of successful examples in terms of communication with the customers.

Reviews, ratings

Add the site widgets allowing customers to share their experience. The user is more likely to purchase a product that has a positive reputation with other people, either it is a review, rating or simply a “like”. Marketers called this effect social proof. According to the statistics of the Google search engine, 70% of Internet visitors read product reviews before buying. The retailer CompUSA has determined that about 2/3 of users prefer to do shopping in online stores with reviews and rating systems. If a person is not convinced of the actions, he follows the crowd. Take advantage of it.


Draw attention to your promotions, this is one of the most favorite users’ tabs. Everyone loves discounts and special offers - make sure that they are visible to the site visitors. The best option is to place them right at the top of the home page – so that this will be the first thing the users take notice of on the site. Let us again take Stakers as a good example. On the landing page of the casino, the user is literally screamed that he can get bonus, it is hardly possible to resist. If you have an online store, do not hesitate to indicate the full price of the product. According to Oneupweb research, 95.5% of buyers admitted that information about the full price of the product became one of the key factors in making a purchase decision.


Give your site visitors the confidence that they are in a safe and secure environment. The data safety concern is one of the main sources of hesitation when shopping online. Nobody wants to become a victim of scams or banal data leakage. Take care of the reliability of your site and let users know about it. Secure connection and anti-virus programs badges will help to allay all fears. For example, if you play in Stakers casino, then you will find the Norton Secured icon at the bottom of the page - a standard in the field of security and Internet data protection.

Catching headings

Headings are the face of the site and the first thing that users pay attention to. They should be informative, concise and at the same time stimulate curiosity. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make the first impression and give the occasional visitor a handle to stay on your page. Pay more attention to the headings, make the first customer experience positive. If you did not pay close attention to it earlier, then it's high time to change the situation right now.

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