5 Web Design Hacks for Better Website Conversion

Are you running an online business and wondering whether there is something you need to do to drive more traffic to your website? Remember, an average of 2.35% of your visitors should buy from you. The good news is that this is enough to make your business competitive. There are simple web design hacks that can help you to achieve that without a dime. Let us dive into each of these tactics.

1. Choose the Right Colors

Color combination has a direct influence on the conversion rate of your site. According to a recent credible study, at least 85% of consumers say color influences their purchasing behavior. Choose a combination that makes your visitors to elicit the desired reactions and emotions. This way, you will be able to improve readability, learning, and site comprehension.

Use not less than four colors for maximum benefit. One should be for your background and another for your text. Choose a unique color for the necessary links. Moreover, for your calls to action, go for a contrasting color.

2. Simple Site Navigation

If your visitors discover that they need to sacrifice too much to know whether they can work with you, they are highly likely to choose your competitors over you. Websites with links added to every essential page on the navigation can report a high number of clicks but fail to sell. The high number of choices can distract your customers from taking the right action.

The position of your navigation bar also matters. It should be easy to find. That is the reason expert marketers always place them on the header of their sites.

3. Add Responsive Video

One of the leading web design hacks that you should never forget is fitting in a landing video. People love watching visual content. It can increase the chances of your site ranking high on Google by 53 times. Video content also has a 41% higher rate of click-through, which is also necessary for increasing your conversions.

4. Use Negative Space

Negative space is the empty space that you see in highly successful websites. Web designers call it negative space, but despite this common name, it is a positive element. If you do not have it, be sure your visitors will find the site unusable and unreadable.

There are several forms of negative space on websites. All the spaces between the large and small spaces on the page count. Pay attention to all of them, and you will make everything scannable, legible, and easy to read.

5. Optimize for Mobile Search

There is no doubt that focusing on building mobile responsive sites is one of the essential web design hacks out there today. For you to understand what I am saying, consider that 34% of all online retail sales made every year takes place on mobile devices. Thus, today’s consumers put an incredible high amount of premium on the ability to use their tablets, phones, and other mobile devices to buy products and services.

The main challenge that many buyers face when they go online is the high number of sites that are not mobile responsive. This is the reason you are high likely to find a site that load impressively on a PC but once you try to access it on your phone, you get disappointed.

Whenever customers notice that a site they are visiting is not responsive on their mobile devices, they look for another company. In 2020, you can take advantage of this trend, optimize your site, optimize your content, and expect to start reaping the most out of your website optimization strategy.

Wrapping Up on Web Design Hacks

Now that we have evaluated the top web design hacks that will boost your conversion rate within a short time, the only thing that can limit your success is lack of action. The information you have will not change your stats if you do not implement them. For that matter, it is the right time you head back to your site right away and audit your site.


Consider which of the elements need to be improved. Once you have accurately identified these areas, invest all your effort and resources into them. If you have some difficulties, feel free to consider hiring an experienced web designer to handle the work on your behalf in a way that guarantees you an increase in conversion rate and revenue.

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