5 Wrong Ways of Doing Responsive Designing and Spoiling Your Efforts

One of the biggest challenges faced by web designers these days is of creating a responsive design for their websites. To make things worse, it might be difficult enough to know which the correct approach is. Usually the biggest problem associated with responsive designing is planning and facing the challenge of being overwhelmed by a plethora of software programs. Since responsive design is evolving, there are numerous software programs that are also evolving at the same time. But choosing the appropriate one is the trick! What might have been the best way of creating a responsive design website a few months ago may become wrong now. This is a process of continuous improvement. Have a look at the blunders that you need to avoid while planning a responsive website.

Disabling the zoom option

Are you a designer who includes "user-scalable=no">"? Without giving it a second thought, if you are of the notion that you've cracked the responsive code, you're mistaken! Not enabling the zoom option and taking off control from the hands of the users is indeed a bad form as this will make your users feel that you despise them.

Failing to determine behavior of users

Retailers, probably due to the excessive rush of building their mobile space often forget to analyze the behavior of their customers. It is only by analyzing that you can give some crucial inputs into the designing process as this analysation reveals the most frequently performed operations and the devices that are mostly used by people. What is the conversion rate of browsing through mobile devices? These factors play a vital role in ensuring that the mobile experience is tailored to meet the needs of the shoppers.

responsive design

Using a single program for different designs

There are many companies that have taken a step forward and have created all-in-one software programs for designing. However, the only issue with that would be that it might just not be the appropriate solution for all. For instance, mobile platforms often require special attention. While working with iOS, the web designers usually use Cocoa and Xcode while building a website from scratch but one that doesn't mean that these can be used for all platforms.

Not paying attention to navigation issues

In case there are more than 3 items on a menu, it is a wiser option to turn it into a drop-down instead of fitting all of them in the screen. Also ensure building a mobile site with a layout that is basically based on icon-based menu.

Lack of testing

Testing is indeed a must before making sites public. But there are web designers and programmers who make responsive websites live without enough testing. At the least, you should test the user flows on the website for some of the main browsers and also for some of the top mobile devices as well. Changes need to be done immediately.

As per an eminent web designer of Sydney web design agency, building responsive sites offer great aptitude for businesses and designers. The only pitfall is that things are changing constantly and hence each designer has to be competent and flexible enough to keep his head high in the competition.

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