50% Deal on TemplateMonster Templates from TemplateNinjas. This June Only

Summer is finally here, I don't know about you but I've been waiting for it desperately! To celebrate the best season of the year we contacted our friends Template Ninjas and came up with the most amazing deal on website templates you can find.

So here it is - this June, the whole month, we give you an opportunity to get literally ANY template or theme from TemplateMonster with an unbelievable discount of 50%.

For those who do not know what TemplateMonster is - this is the oldest and biggest templates collection on the web. TemplateMonster have the most experienced and professional designers and developers in the team, their web designs are always flawless and trendy. The TemplateMonster collection has more than 50 000 templates available, you can be sure you'll find a template for every purpose imaginable, built with any technology today's market has to offer.

Well, during this hot June, every Thursday to be precise, you can get ANY of these awesome templates with a 50% discount, courtesy of TemplateNinjas.

templateninjas summer deal

Here's how you get the deal.
  • Go to the TemplateNinjas.com on Thursday (the deal lasts from 7 a.m. Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday).
  • Click the participate button.
  • Choose the templates you want to get.
  • Share the deal with your friends. I emphasise this because for the deal to happen there has to be a minimum number of participants (50), so obviously it is in your best interests to make sure the deal happens.
  • Wait 24 hours.
  • Get your ordered templates with 50% off the regular price.

The deal is going to be held on June 4th, June 11th, and June 25th. I suggest you sign up now and get an email-reminder if you don't want to miss the next deal!

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