6 Ways To Get More Traffic From LinkedIn Back to Your Site

LinkedIn is the Facebook for corporates, and slowly it's become one of the biggest titans of social media. To add, it's got a user base that, on average, earns a higher income than other social media platforms.

The growth certainly does not stop anytime soon, yet how do you leverage the valuable user base on LinkedIn and get them to your website? How do you get more traffic from a corporate site specifically created for employees to meet new employers?

The answer to that lies in the current state of LinkedIn. The platform is slowly being used to create brand awareness for companies and individuals alike.

These pages are sharing content, which is often long-form, and the highly engaged audience is sharing the content with their colleagues and looking to brands to find answers to their company questions.

Yet, how do you leverage LinkedIn for your benefits and make sure you get the most attention for your business? You will undoubtedly find out in this post.

1. Build a LinkedIn page

As with most social media, you will need to build a business page for your company. You may know that LinkedIn has a profile page, which would be your page, but it also allows you to create a professional or business page.

Do this by clicking the work icon on your Linkedin homepage on the website. Then click “create a company page.” You may be given a few options as to what your page is about.

This includes that it is a small business, large organization, or a school or university. Once you choose the right option, you can add your company details and give your page identity.

As with most social media, a professional page will signal to potential customers that you are trustworthy, and this may prompt people to follow and check out your website. Often customers are curious and will check out your website as a second step in getting to know you.

2. Spruce up your profile

Once you’ve set up your business page, it’s time to add some information and give context to your business.

You may wish to add authority to your profile by highlighting business achievement and other accolades that will draw users to want to subscribe and check out your website.

However, don’t go into the process of sprucing up your LinkedIn business or profile page on your own. Instead, take a look at the many different examples right within your own industry.

A perfect example of this can be seen with Moosend, and how they focus nearly all of their LinkedIn content on marketing templates and resources. This not only allows them to provide value to their audience on LinkedIn, but also so they can better establish themselves as a leader in this space.

Take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer and showcase your expertise and passion in the process--while also providing high-quality content and value to your audiences in the process.

3. Share your Facebook profile and posts

If you do have a following on Facebook, why not use it to add authority to your new LinkedIn business page?

Alternatively, if you do not have a following yet on Facebook, it may be a good idea to increase your page likes before sharing your profile on Linkedin.

Once done, you’re all set to start building up your brand on Linkedin. Share your most prominent Facebook posts, and remaster it for LinkedIn.

Each platform is different, so make sure you amend content, so it fits in with a business-related context.

4. Get more followers

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn wants you to connect with people. These people are your colleagues, business professionals, or future customers.

They are enthusiastic about connecting you with the right people, and even share business profiles to people that may like your page. This is exactly what entertainment sites like Buzzfeed and FunnyReign have done during their site launches and promotions to get more followers. Since they are both in the entertainment and humor space, it’s one of the best ways for them to reach new audiences, while also having content go viral in the process.

For business pages, they provide free promotion by sharing your content with people who may like it. This also motivates users to follow your profile, and it starts to build your follower base and potential website viewers.

The difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is apparent in this instance, as LinkedIn does support business pages to get more reach. Use this to your advantage.

5. Share stuff you care about

There are many niches and businesses on LinkedIn, and often the most passionate posts tend to do well.

Your customers who live on LinkedIn are curious to know what you stand for, and how your business can help them. Keep this in mind when you share content. A perfect example of this would be if you were to find a latest report on numbers in your market or industry and then created a new infographic based on this data. With LinkedIn being very business oriented, this type of visual content usually performs extremely well and is immediately eye-catching when found amongst other trending status updates and content.

Another great example of this would be if you are getting behind a cause aligned with your business, let your LinkedIn audience know why you are sharing this and how your company actively participates in this cause. The more actionable tips and value that you can provide through Linkedin, the better. This is also something Gary Vaynerchuk has done very well with over the years, and now his content seems to be going viral across nearly every social platform.

This can also be a way to connect with your audience and bring them over to your long-form content available on your websites.

6. Take action and go live

Recently TikTok has been exploding, and they leverage LinkedIn to get more exposure for work opportunities at their company. They did this by “going live.” LinkedIn supported their move by messaging everyone on the platform who had shown an interest in TikTok to check it out.

TikTok's reach and brand as a company grew extensively with this move. You could find the same thing that could happen to your company. Use this live functionality once you have amassed a sizable following and build brand awareness on LinkedIn. By going live, you will only introduce your brand to a newer audience.

This is another form of exposure that, when explored, will bring in more website visitors.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most recent findings have shown that LinkedIn stats have increased exponentially over the last few years, and the engagement has followed.

Knowing this, as a business, you must set yourself up for success early on so that you can quickly leverage the platform and target highly valued customers on this platform.

It helps when you start a business page and learn how to use it by creating content, engaging effectively, and being part of the community. It’s also essential that you seek your ideal clientele and use your Facebook authority to generate more influence on LinkedIn.

It may take some time to build up solid brand awareness in the early stages, but with patience and persistence, you will surely be able to create leads for your business and draw customers to your website.

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