Web Design Basics Design Principles 7 Must-dos of Designing a Website that Wows - Smart Strategies to Take

7 Must-dos of Designing a Website that Wows - Smart Strategies to Take

Developing and designing an effective website is perhaps one of the most lucrative investments which a company can make. Irrespective of whether you offer online services or sell products or strictly operate in brick and mortar stores, it is crucial to establish and preserve an online presence as this is the only way in which you can cement your success in the long term. Sadly enough, it has been noted that too many people nurture the wrong notion that designing a website doesn't require any skill or experience.

Though the constant flow of easy-to-use tools for web designing has given the average user the capability to build a website and also maintain it, yet that doesn't mean that anyone and everyone is qualified enough to build and preserve a standard high quality website. You will be rather surprised to note that there are so many business owners who need a website but they haven't yet thought about some of the basic questions like "Why do you need a website?" Here are few issues which you need to identify and manage if you want to create a site that's effective, engaging and authoritative. Let's check them out.

Select a service to host your website

Before you take any other step towards designing your business website, make sure you choose a hosting service. There are numerous hosting companies to choose from and each of them has a unique value. If you can do your due diligence in this field, this will definitely save your effort, time and frustration in the near future.

Decide between present template and custom site template


Irrespective of whether you're about to make an e-commerce site or a couponing site or a simple blog which doesn't offer any such services, one your foremost decisions you need to take is whether to utilize the already existing template or design a custom website. If yours is a large corporation, designing a personalized website is the ideal option. Smaller companies, on the other hand, can use pre-designed templates as they pose to be an affordable and feasible alternative.

Hire professional help as designing isn't an easy task

By checking out the simple ads and the short videos which guide you to make a website, you may think that it's an easy task but it is easier said than done. When you want to unlock the potential of your website fully, you may require assistance from a web developer or a graphic designer. It is only when you collaborate with such qualified experts that you can convey the identity of your brand to the visitors and customers in a more effective manner.

Deciding on the design, content and structure

The most vital components of a website are design, content and structure. Content is king and hence it needs to be informative, timeless and valuable to the search engines. The designing of your website should lure the eyes of the visitors but it shouldn't distract them from the conversion goals and the CTAs. Using the best colors and font can deck up your site and make your pages pop in search engine results.

Optimize landing pages

Though it is true that the home page of your site is the most vital part of your website, landing pages are no less important. It is best on your part to focus on developing at least 3-4 high quality landing pages and optimizing your inbound links in a proper manner. If you can create high quality landing pages, you can easily lower bounce rates and keep on attracting traffic through your site.

Choosing images to create an aesthetically pleasing website


No visitor would prefer seeing a website which is filled with blocks of text. A website should be aesthetically pleasing and it should comprise of integrated images and photos to invoke interest among viewers. The decision that you need to take is whether or not you should leverage the existing images or take unique photos. Using unique photos for specific features of your company and products is always a better idea.

Create responsive design

The brand new standard which a designer has to maintain for website development is creating responsive designing. A responsive website means creating one which can be viewed in a similar way on a desktop browser as well as on a mobile device. Search engines are rewarding websites which invest their time and effort in creating responsive websites. While old sites are gradually moving on to responsive designing, new sites should invest in it from the scratch.

In a nutshell, when you're designing a website for your company, you need to stay both realistic and focused. While there are some tasks that you can do on your own, there are some others which are best left to someone professional. After all, your ultimate goal is to make your business grow.


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