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7 Outstanding Web Design Tools

Technology keeps advancing in today’s world of web design tools. There are company’s releasing new tools every month to assist designers in an ever evolving online landscape. As the lines between developer and designer continue to be blurred, the tools of the trade are changing as well. Here are seven outstanding web tools that can add value to your projects.

#1 Pattern Lab

This pattern-driven design tool, developed by Brad Frost and Dave Olsen, is founded on atomic design. This design principle strips a design down to its minimalist frame and then adds components until forming the final design template.

This fully extensible tool allows you to nest UI patterns inside one another, designing with dynamic data and device-agnostic viewport resizing tools to ensure the system is completely responsive.

#2 Avocode

Avocode is a user-friendly tool helps front end developers code directly from Sketch or Photoshop files with just one click. Avocode comes from the same team that developed PNG hat and CSS hat, and the exporting process for this app is simple and effortless. The tool analyzes all the files and pulls them together in a UI that beautifully designed.

With Avocode you have complete control over exporting and assets, with SVG as standard. Copy paste elements of the design into a text editor and create the font and text you desire. Avocode is a great all-around tool for developers and designers, bridging the gap for both parties to build outstanding website designs.

#3 Vivaldi

This lightning-quick browser tool is completely customizable and built with React and JavaScript to create the UI and Node.js, as well as, plenty of NPM modules. Vivaldi comes from the same team that designed Opera, and its smooth browsing with powerful features such as a control panel for tiling and stacking tabs, taking notes, and bookmarks.

#4 Form

This prototyping tool sets the standard for design tools that blend a mix of design and code to create designs that are closer to what you get in production. There is no layers’ palette or tool bar; Form works by importing graphics into the tool and then using patches to create interactions and gestures. Designers can work directly on the production, while coders have more time to tackle other complex problems.

#5 Macaw

With Macaw, designers now can create outstanding designs without the need ever to touch any code at all. The designs have a significant visual component across all devices, and the best thing about Macaw is the user-friendly nature of the UI. With a basic tutorial, you can go on to create a fully functional template in as little as thirty minutes. The tool is so simple to use and has a familiar feel to it that allows you to adjust the layout and see how the changes are represented in real-time.

Macaw allows designers to create responsive websites without the hassle of dealing with the development end of the process. This app sets the bar in its ability to produce code that is semantic and well-constructed, which is usually the process where other similar tools struggle.

#6 Webflow

This web app lets designers create production-ready websites without ever needing to handle any code. The UI is unobtrusive and allows you to keep the design in focus. View the design at its break points and preview it with complete control over the viewport size. The convenient drag and drop feature may limit the designer a bit, but what it lacks for in power, it makes up for with simplicity. This tool is great for prototyping, and helping designers understand the importance of coding.

#7 Corel Paintshop Pro

The classic design tool, Corel Draw, has always been a design favorite to create outstanding images effortlessly. This tool costs less than an annual Adobe Photoshop subscription and has a perpetual license. Paintshop Pro Is the best value-for-money image editor that has other important features such as raw file editing, text wrapping, and lens correction capabilities. Paintshop pro is an even better value when you purchase it with this Corel Paintshop Pro coupon.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, seven design tools to help you make the most out of your website design by increasing productivity and improving communication between designers and developers.

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