7 Proven tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Whether you lure the target audience to visit your ecommerce website or online store via affiliates, paid ads, or content marketing, every single visitor who bounces away without making a purchase is a missed opportunity for you. This is where ecommerce conversion rate optimization comes into play and helps you generate more leads and sales for your online business. An ecommerce conversion is when a website visitor takes a desired action on your ecommerce website or online store. A conversion might be a new sale, adding a product to wishlist/shopping cart, or signing up for an email list. This means, the conversion rate of an ecommerce business totally depends on how you optimize the website or store for an excellent experience so visitors can convert easily.

In this piece of writing, we are about to share some proven tips for improving your ecommerce conversion rate that you can incorporate in your CRO strategy right now to achieve desired outcomes.

Use a Simple yet Appealing Layout

Navigation of your ecommerce website or online store should be as easy and efficient as possible. If your customers are facing issues and are unable to find what they are looking for, they will bounce away to your competitors. So, take some time to choose a simple and appealing layout for your website and adjust the structure accordingly to stand out from your competitors. A clean, simple, and easier layout enables customers to checkout conveniently without spending a lot of moment. Modern consumers prefer the check-out processes just like the giant e-commerce businesses as Amazon provides.

Setup Structure so Visitors can Easily Find Products

Structure your products or goods in a logical manner and make sure that you use a few levels so potential customers can easily find and reach the required products quickly. Oftentimes, it is important to allow customers to place orders by color, size or other factors. This is where providing your customers with plenty of options can help secure more sales. A variety of ecommerce tools are out there that can be used for this purpose and help you create a structure that allows users to search and find products easily within a matter of moments.

Optimize for Speed and Mobile

Load time is the time a site takes to load properly in a browser. Every second of your website loading time can have a direct impact on your conversion rate. According to experts, visitors are likely to bounce away if a website more than 3 seconds to load. You want your visitors to stay for a while on your site to convert them into customers. That’s the reason, you should optimize your website for speed and mobile to attract more visitors and make them stay. Choosing a responsive web design and optimizing it for speed is the best way to increase the conversion rate on your ecommerce website. You should test every page on both desktop and mobile devices to make sure there is nothing unnecessary and inappropriate on your site that makes it load slower.

Provide a Personalized User Experience

There are lots of ecommerce optimization tools that allow you to create and deliver dynamic content. It helps you present your visitors with custom-tailored content, offers, and recommendations based on several factors including user behavior, demographic and purchase history, etc. Investing in MACH architecture also helps ecommerce brands and companies swiftly respond to changes in consumer demand and behavior, scale their portfolio, and enhance operational efficiency to provide them with an excellent personalized experience. A highly personalized experience makes the path to purchase a lot easier and boost conversion rate to generate more leads and sales online.

Use High Quality Visuals

It is a no-brainer but you must be using high-quality visuals to present your product or service in the best way possible. Capture product images that portray the actual product proficiently. Your customers cannot touch or interact with products when they are shopping online. This is where hiring a professional product photography agency or individual can help you capture the right images to entice your customers. The use of other types of visuals like 3D images, videos and slides can help customers know what exactly they are about to purchase.

Offer Discounts and Special Offers

Special offers and discounts are a great way to grab the attention of more visitors, drive them to your ecommerce website and convert. Most ecommerce brands offer limited-time discount offers to add a sense of urgency to their purchase processes. As a result, they are better able to achieve their sales goals by offering special offers for a set period of time. You can also create seasonal discount offers to sell out older stock faster and make room for new arrivals.

A/B Test Everything

Along with implementing different ways to improve the ecommerce conversion rate, you should be testing everything on your ecommerce website or landing pages. It helps you determine which pages perform best and have the best conversion rate. You should remove all distractions from product pages and the checkout process so users can easily complete the checkout process to make a purchase. Removing distractions from your website keeps users focused on the actions you really want them to take. The use of free tools like Google Optimize is another best way to create and run A/B split tests on both product pages and checkout pages. Internet is full of both paid and free eCommerce testing tools that can be used to perform quick and efficient tests.


There are several touchpoints in the way of a website visitor that impact their decision-making process. That is the reason; you should take care of all aspects to make your ecommerce website user friendly and easy to navigate. Taking care of little details and factors can influence website visitors to hit the ‘buy now’ button. Giant ecommerce websites and online stores constantly test their pages right after making new changes and implementations. And you should also be doing the same to see what works well and what should be avoided to improve conversion rate on your ecommerce website.

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