7 Tips to Create an Engaging Website using Design Elements

Create an Engaging Website

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Design elements can help you create unique digital designs and beautiful websites. These elements cover different units that are used in designing. From shapes to colors, it is essential to understand the proper use of elements of visual design.

There are different visual elements of design that you can use to make your design stand out. Regarding web design, the perfect balance of visual elements can make your website attractive and help generate leads and attract customers.

In this article, we will discuss the visual elements of designs in detail. We will look at some of the elements you can use in your designs and give you some tips on making a visually pleasing website. So, let’s get started.

Visual Design Elements for Websites

Seven main design elements can be used to build an attractive website. Let’s take a look at these elements and how you can use them in the web design process:


Lines are one of the essential design elements and are used in graphs, charts, and illustrations. They can also be used to draw attention to something or highlight a text. You can use lines in several ways when building a website.


Lines can join together to form shapes, such as icons and other illustrations that can add some context to your designs. Shapes can also be used to create buttons or calls to action on your website or app. They can also be used to create vector graphics.


Color is one of the fascinating visual elements that can be used in websites. Different colors can invoke other emotions in the viewers. Colors can also describe unique ideas and expressions. One must be aware of the correct color to use on the website to leave a lasting impression on visitors.


In digital design, value describes how light or dark a color tone is. Light shades can be used for the background, while darker shades can be used to highlight text to make buttons or icons.


Form is any three-dimensional shape that can represent some information. Forms are used in the visual design process in different ways. Many companies use 3D versions of their logos or working models on the landing page, making the website even more attractive.


Texture adds some dimension and depth to your designs. You can use texture to make your background even more beautiful. You can also search for free background images, with or without texture, to create a stunning website.


One of the most important visual elements that designers usually ignore is space. You need to leave ample space around your images or text to attract attention. Cluttering your websites can make them confusing.

These are some of the design elements that are used to make stunning websites. You need to know which design elements to use and be aware of their correct usage. A website's perfect balance of visual elements can attract potential customers and partners and increase your sales and revenue.

Tips to Use the Visual Design Elements for Websites

To make an aesthetic website, there are specific tips that you can follow. If you are a beginner, these tips can help you get started. However, even if you are an experienced designer, these tips might tell you something you didn’t know. So let’s take a look at some ways you can elevate your designs:

Tip 1: Add Attractive Images and Videos
Add Attractive Images

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A website can be monotonous if only text is used on the main pages. You can add some images, graphics, and free stock videos on your landing pages to capture viewers' attention and increase their time on your website.

Tip 2: Pay attention to contrasts

Expert designers always use colors in contrast. You should use a combination of light and dark shades between backgrounds and foregrounds. Essential things such as buttons, menu bars, and icons or svg icons can be highlighted using contrasting shades.

Tip 3: Remember Gestalt

Gestalt psychology was made famous by German psychologists. Also known as the Law of Similarity, this theory suggests that the viewers perceive elements that look similar similarly. People look at the big picture instead of individual elements. This must be kept in mind during the visual design process.

Tip 4: Create a clear visual hierarchy
Create a clear visual hierarchy

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Hierarchy can highlight essential elements on a web page. For instance, headings, varying sizes of text or images, and buttons can be used to create a website flow that helps you achieve your goals of setting up a website. You can use hierarchy to guide the viewer toward your Call to Action.

Tip 5: Balance between pleasure and usability

When it comes to UX design, a designer must understand they need to balance between making the design fun and attractive and making it functional. You don’t want your design to be too dull, and you also want to achieve some goals - such as driving sales through your website design.

Tip 6: Make good use of your design elements

Visual elements of design are an integral part of web design. You do not want to clutter your website with visual elements, and you also do not want to use unattractive colors and graphics. A good designer must understand how to use all elements to create an aesthetically pleasing result to impress website visitors.

Tip 7: Consistency is the key

When it comes to web designing, you need to maintain consistency in the process. For instance, using many different fonts on your landing page can create a chaotic look. First, decide the fonts, all the design elements, and colors you want to use, and then follow your theme throughout the website.

These are some of the tips to help you create a stunning website design. Designing is a process that demands great attention to detail and patience. If you are new to the process, give it some time and pay attention to how to use the visual elements of design.

Design elements are the fundamental units of website design. You need to know how to use the visual elements of your web design. We discussed the seven elements of design in this article and looked at some tips that can help you build websites that generate leads, attract customers, and increase your sales.

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