Site Maintenance SE Optimization 7 Tools Every Blogger Should Use in 2018 to Get High Traffic

7 Tools Every Blogger Should Use in 2018 to Get High Traffic

Are you a blogger and trying to get as high traffic as possible in different ways? You can easy your life automating 80% of the process!

Today I’m about to share 7 best SEO tools you should use to get high traffic on your blog in 2018. They’ll help you increase organic traffic, find low competition and high traffic keywords, and build backlinks to get better ranking.

These tools are:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes an audit of your site for free. Here you can learn the following statistics:

  • number of visitors;
  • popular pages;
  • visits duration;
  • number of steps;
  • sources of the visitors;
  • a visitors’ basket.

Use this tool to discover your blog’s bounce rate, the best marketing channels for it, the most suitable keywords to the texts, etc.

To get all this information you should register and create a project.

2. Google AdWords

This is a popular free service that will help you advertise on Google and its network. Google AdWords is easy in use, has comfortable interface and variety of instruments for keywords selecting.

I suggest it to be one of the best free services for advertising as you pay only for each click. The service is suitable for every ad campaign, big or rather small one.

To use it you should register entering your Google email and blog domain in special fields.

3. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform which can help you increase traffic to your blog in various ways and fields. This service can also monitor your competitors. This feature can help you come up with some new effective strategy of promotion.

Its main tools are:

  • keywords research;
  • backlink analysis;
  • rank tracker;
  • site audit;
  • keyword clustering and text analytics;
  • PPC analysis;
  • top pages;
  • tree view of a site;
  • search suggestions and questions (search queries that pop up under the search bar as you are typing there).

According to these opportunities of the service, you’ll easily find new high volume keywords for your articles, wide the list of keywords with search suggestions and questions, make an audit of your site and manage to correct errors on your blog, analyze your PPC campaign and improve it, analyze competitors’ PPC campaigns, develop new hot ideas for content and promotion strategy and so on.

Just enter your blog domain in Serpstat search box and start analyzing different its reports.

4. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is one more tool that can help you optimize your blog. It provides information on the behavior of visitors on your website.

This service offers heat map tracking where points places your visitors click on the most. This map gives you the image of your blog visitors’ preferences. Knowing them, you can rearrange advertising on your blog, some sections or posts to be watched more often.

To start using CrazyEgg create an account and type your blog domain in its search box.

5. Buzzsumo

This tool will help you in content marketing and SMM strategy. It gives you data about shares of your posts on social networks, contacts of those people who shared them, trends list and statistics of shares.

Here you can also analyze your competitors.

To learn the report from Buzzsumo enter your blog domain in its search box.

6. Soovle

Soovle will come in handy for developing content and widening the keywords list. It is a tool which collects search suggestions for the keyword you typed in its search box from up to 15 search engines.

You can choose which engines you want to be used. The full list of them includes big ones (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and several specific (Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, Ask, eBay, Yell), international and so on. To get only question form of queries, type question word behind the keyword.

7. AnswerThePublic

This service finds Google search questions, prepositions and alphabetical lists related to your query. It is just for bloggers who want to develop quality content and have better visual perception. AnswerThePublic sorts information round and in columns.


Traffic on blogs means profit for their owners. That’s why every blogger is trying to optimize his or her website and texts to become more successful. SEO is a hard and long process, so I suggest using special tools to ease this work.

These are 7 tools every blogger should use in 2018: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Serpstat, CrazyEgg, Buzzsumo, Soovle, AnswerThePublic. Each of them is effective and easy to understand.

Improve your blog using tools given above and get high income!


Inna Yatsyna

Content Marketing Specialist at Serpstat, a passionate lover of traveling, books, and animals.

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