7 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

Your website has a big role to play in regards to the sales that your business is making, especially in this age of technology. Marketing landing pages get a lot of traffic and therefore, it is important to make sure that these leads get converted. Your landing page conversion rates must be good enough to boost your business. For that reason, it is important to put in the necessary measures to boost the conversions. This will help you avoid frustrations and make the most of the investment you have made to have your business online.

Good conversion rates for landing pages vary based on your business goals, the products and/or services on offer and the call to action. However, anything above 2 per cent is considered a good conversion rate for your landing page. So, what do you do to get this kind of rate or even more? Here are 7 ways that you should consider to enhance landing page conversion rates:

1. Use a Direct Call to Action

All landing pages should have a direct call to action. After visitors have come to your site, they need to know what to do next. They shouldn’t be too many on each landing page. One call to action is recommended for better conversion rates. It is the quality of information that will make them take action.

2. Be Specific to your Audience

If you want people to relate to what you are telling them, speak directly to them. It is important to ensure that you highlight things that are specific to them. Those landing on your website pages should find content that resonates with them. Tailor your content around them and they will be encouraged to respond positively.

3. Give Valuable Information

Why should visitors buy anything from you? This is the number one thing you should ask yourself when setting up your landing page. Provide relevant information and social proof to make them gravitate towards your products and/or services. Give visitors enough reasons to consider getting anything from you! You have to get it right to succeed.

4. Work on Your Visual Content

A visually appealing website is key in promoting conversion rates among your visitors. Some of them will only glance at your site and when they find it dull, they will quickly keep off. Therefore, there should be multimedia elements that give life to your landing pages and most important appeal to them. Quality videos for your landing pages are highly recommended. However, don’t overdo the images. Your site should always be simple and clean.

5. Invest in Responsive Web Design

A website with good loading speed will do well compared to one that takes a lot of time to load. Visitors to your page will be discouraged to take any meaningful action when they find that it is taking them a lot of time to load. Make sure that your images are optimized and light so that it won’t take your visitors a lot of time to load the pages.

6. Be Direct with your Text

Most of the web users that you are targeting online will only scan through the landing pages hence will not have the time to read a lot. It is therefore important to reduce the amount of text you are using in these pages. You should make sure that visitors get to see the most important information and details to them by simply scanning through the paragraphs.

7. Optimize for Mobile Use

Nowadays, people want to access information from different platforms. There is an increased use of mobile gadgets for people surfing online. For that reason, it is important to make sure that your site is highly responsive to mobile platforms. There is a high chance that visitors will get things from a site that they can access from their mobile gadget.

Final Thoughts

Increasing landing page conversation rates comes through several factors and that includes proper web design. Using an Unbounce coupon, you will be empowered to develop and optimize custom landing pages. In addition to that, it will be important to make sure that you have proper content and site arrangement that will trigger action from your visitors. Get started with these ideas as discussed!

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