9 Superb WordPress Designs to Try in 2019

WordPress is now one of the most used CMS platforms in the world. It is powering some of the most advanced – and popular – sites in different genres, including ecommerce sites and your favorite news outlets.

Flexibility is among the reasons behind that immense popularity. You can tailor your WordPress site to suit specific needs and add functions that users love. To get your site ready for 2019, there are some fantastic WordPress designs and themes you can try.


From the name of the theme, it is easy to tell that this is a theme designed for ecommerce sites. It features big images, stunning visuals, and a usable navigation menu. The theme can be customized to a gorgeous ecommerce site with a few tweaks.


Genesis remains a popular framework and theme among WordPress users. It is not only flexible with its long list of add-ons, but also easy to adapt to different types of website. You can view this business website for a good example of how Genesis can be utilized.


Hellomouse is another WordPress theme with superb design out of the box. The theme is made mainly for showcasing your portfolio, giving sufficient space for stunning visuals and short text. There is a Blog section with a clean and functional design too.

Be Theme

Next, we have Be Theme, which has been a popular theme in 2018. The theme is designed to be multi-purpose and the possibilities are endless with Be Theme. You can create anything from a corporate site to a fresh news site with this framework.


Pro is slightly different than most WordPress themes on the market. The design of this theme is built on three main building blocks: the header, the main content area, and the footer. You can then customize each block to achieve the desired result.


Don’t think for a second that Newspaper is a theme for news sites only. While the theme is designed to feature your content as the centerpiece of the site, it is highly customizable and can be used as the foundation for a multitude of websites.


Uncode is another theme that focuses on clean and beautiful design. Clean design will remain popular in 2019, so you can use Unicode as the perfect starting point for your site. There is a centered mobile menu and unique responsive behaviors that make this theme even more appealing.


As mentioned before, WordPress is a CMS platform that can be used as the base for any kind of website. ListingPro is a good example of how a theme can alter the functionality of your WordPress site. You can set up a fully functional directory site with this design.


To complete our list, we have another theme designed for ecommerce websites: XStore. XStore incorporates younger, fresher design elements, so it is perfect for anything from a crafts site to an ecommerce site that sells gadgets and accessories.

Which of these designs are best for your website? The answer depends on the kind of site you want to create. You can never go wrong with these superb WordPress designs for 2019.

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