A Guide to Improving your Business' Yelp Reviews

Yelp plays an integral part when it comes to upholding your business reputation. As a matter of fact, most business owners are surprised when they experience the consequences of one negative Yelp review. The business suffers, sales slow, and customers retreat.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that can be used to control what appears in Yelp when somebody searches for your business. Ensuring people see your positive reviews is pivotal.

If you are like many businesses you may already have a Yelp business listing, and the reviews may be less than favourable So, here are four tried and tested ways for increasing your star rating.

1. Move positive reviews out of the filter

When it comes to increasing your overall Yelp star rating, this is the cream of the crop. The first action to undertake is to check the filter section for positive reviews that may be stuck and thus are not included in the overall score. Yelp has an algorithm that filters reviews that it may think don’t add any value or are inauthentic. You can access these reviews at the bottom page of the company’s website.

According to VelSEOity, many of the companies that are listed on Yelp’s site have many of their positive reviews from real organic customers get stuck in the filter. For instance, let's say that your company has a 3-star Yelp rating. Bumping into a few 5-star ratings in the filter can see your landing page gain an entire star or even more. It’s common practice for Yelp to hide reviews they think are fake or spammy. To prevent this sort of situation and start getting those positive reviews, here are a few steps you can use.

First of, make sure to follow Yelpers that have had their positive reviews filtered. One way you can assist a Yelper to look more authentic is by making their profile seem realistic. By following the Yelper who’s hidden in your filter, it may be sufficient enough for the reviews to be visible.

In case that option isn’t viable, you can try getting in touch via the Yelp messaging forum to those individuals who’ve left good reviews and are hidden in the filter. Make them aware that their feedback is much appreciated and that you’re hoping they will make an update so that they are restored on the main landing page.

If the aforementioned techniques have proven futile, and have not done anything to increase your overall rating, your best course of action is messaging those Yelpers with specific guidelines to make their review look more authentic:

Request them to add a photo of themselves on their profile. A user appears more engaging with the site when they have images. This way, the reviews made are less likely to get hidden.

Request them to log in using their smartphones from a few places within the region. This will show the Yelp algorithm humans are engaging with the application consistently.

Request them to be more active. Even though your objective is getting your business review out of the filter, it will go a long way if the Yelper is a regular user. If they do a couple of more reviews, you’ll likely see your review on the landing page.

The mentioned are the top strategies you can use to move positive reviews from the filter and increase the overall Yelp rating of your business. Upon finishing this, there are a few more options you can use to enhance your business reputation.

2. Turn to friends and family

You can ask your friends and family to post positive reviews if you generally want more positive content. Look at it this way; your family members and close friends are your most loyal and biggest fans anyway. Tell them to write positive things about the services or products you offer. On a relatively new Yelp page, such reviews can stay a while. They will counteract the regular negative reviews made.

3. Look to loyal clients

If you get an occasional positive review from a client or have been working with a customer for years, request them to post something about your business on your page. Before there were ever websites, merchants and shopkeepers would encourage people to spread the word around via friends and family.

4. Ask your vendors

Your vendors understand you, your work efforts, and your business. Even though they are not clients, they are in a better position to leave a positive review about their dealings with your company.

To make sure they give an honest opinion in the review, tell them to focus on how they have been working alongside your company instead of them pretending they are clients. Explaining the nature of your relationship and leaving a positive rating that is truthful is totally okay. Every vendor supplying your business can do this whether they’re a web design business like this or a supplier of your stock.

When it comes to acquiring new leads, Yelp can prove integral. Don’t allow that negative review to cost you profits. Try the aforementioned strategies if you are looking for Yelp success.

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