A2 Hosting Review: What the Experts Think of This

Would you want your website to load urgently without any delays? Would you want to limit the occurrence of delays and downtimes, so that your visitors are not sent back dejected? Well, then you need a reliable hosting provider.

Shared hosting is often considered as the most convenient method for new blog or website owners. While the method is extremely effective and convenient, the only problem arises with the speed and the downtime of the website.

This is where A2 hosting comes in to the picture. The provider gives shared hosting services to all customers along with the offer of amazing speed and uptime. This promise is what we would be evaluating through the course of this blog.

Background on A2 Hosting Company

The A2 web hosting company has been operating for way longer than what many people think of it. Launched back in 2001 by Iniquinet, the A2 hosting company was first based in Ann Arbor. Once the startup gained pace, the owners named it to A2 as a tribute to the location they started from.

Ever since their inception, A2 have prided themselves on their ability to provide exceptional customer service, speed and security to all of their customers.


Now that we’re aware of A2’s history, let’s get to evaluate their performance and the features that they have. A2 has a strong repertoire in the hosting paradigm and has serviced many businesses coming from the American background.

Some of their features include:

Strong Performance – Uptime and Speed

One of the prime things on your mind while selecting a host should be the uptime they have, and how they serve your visitors. Since the main purpose of the website is to maintain your presence online, you would want it to be available around the clock.

A2 does exactly that by having a good uptime, without any unnecessary downtimes. Based on uptime record published in this A2 Hosting review, A2 is constantly scoring above 99.95% uptime. The good uptime ensures that your website is always live with minimal breaks in between.

Data Centers

One reason why A2 offers some of the best hosting services to clients is because they have data centers spread across 3 continents of the globe. A2 currently has data centers in Amsterdam (Europe), Michigan (USA) and Singapore (Asia).

The server you get access to, depends on your own location, and the one that is nearest to you. All these servers are the exclusive property of A2, which is why you can trust their security at all times.

Security and Backup

The data centers for A2 are SSAE16 certified, which means that the security is top notch with no chances of an intrusion whatsoever. The backup facilities are also top notch, as they allow you to recover data from your saved account. You also get security tools like HackScan as part of the website.

Customer Support

A2 provides dedicated customer support to all clients. The customer support team is called ‘Guru Crew Support’ and they are helpful in discussing issues and finding timely solutions to them. Once you coordinate with their customer support team, you will realize how the ‘Guru Crew’ label is completely justified.

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