A2 Web Hosting's Top Class Services

A2 is a hosting site that was developed in 2001 by Bryan Muthig. Its first known name was Iniquinet then, later on, turned to A2, which was a name from where it began, Ann Arbor, Michigan. This We Hosting site was initially made to handle a small number of clients. But in 2003, it gained a lot of attention and more clients that they didn’t expect.

This is considered as the most reliable we hosting provider to date. For then a year now, A2 Hosting offers top of the line developing tools and ultimately top customer satisfaction rates. It is reputable and popular for its ultra-speed load time and performance.

Commendable Customer Support Services

This hosting company offers very efficient customer support. They have developer-friendly hosting plans and offer a “money back guarantee” to get unexpected refunds and any remaining parts of the availed plan. They also have features that can boost the speed time if a client is handling a small business. These are A2’s features that optimize your business site’s performance. First is the Unlimited Data and Storage Transfer, wherein the Cloud hosting increases reliability, multiple back-ups. Then there is the Cloudflare CDN, which provides the improvement of a site’s loading time, an incredibly advanced technology that makes your site 20x faster than the rest, and lastly a provided list of SSL Certificates that can assure the clients’ of your sites safety and its security.

A2 also offers both traditional and latest services to let the clients’ weigh their options regarding service choice. Although they have similarities to what other Web Hosting Services offer, A2 remains undefeated when it comes to top-speed loading time and high-quality services they have.

The company also has been commended for its speedy and reliable Content Management Systems, Developer-friendly Web tools and Website builders. You can install other sites easily with A2. It also comes with an optimizer to enhance the load time and installment of their featured sites. There is no need for a developer to help you out with these kinds of issues.

The High-Quality Line of Services and Other Features

They are proven to be the fastest web hosting site by clients who have tried and tested their services and have been like this for many years now. A2’s turbo speed is indeed commended by many that drive them to avail of their plans for years more. They also have something called “HackScan.” Is prevention better than cure right? That is precisely what this HackScan does. It is a 24/7 monitor that prevents any breakout attempt before it happens. The data centers that A2 provides is also scalable, which means you are protected if something or a possible attack tries to hit your site server. A2 has everything under control to lessen your worries.

A2’s rates have indeed increased over the years and remain immovable at the top spot of being the most reliable and best Web Hosting Service to be developed. Thanks to A2, clients are rest assured of experiencing safe, secure, and high-class hosting is their goal.

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