Aged or Expired Domains Can Help You Achieve SEO Marketing Success. How? We’ll Explain

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If you want to boost your SEO performance, there are numerous ways to do it. Scanning the internet for options will bring you more than enough marketing ideas, some of which are more practical than others. But one method that has proven to be quite successful but isn’t as popular as it should be is using aged or expired domain names to achieve SEO marketing success.

This may sound ludicrous to many, and rightly so; why would anyone opt for an expired domain over a fresh domain? Many who have and continue to use expired domains can testify that it works. However, an expired domain will only help your SEO endeavors, depending on what the previous owner used it for.

Keep reading this guest post to discover why using an aged or expired domain can be a good idea and the various ways to use one.

What Makes An Expired Domain Valuable?

For starters, an expired or unused domain is not valuable on its own. Banking on a domain name alone to boost your SEO fortunes is not going to cut it at all. However, such a domain is valuable for the following reasons.

Relevance: Shopping for just any domain is like going on a fool’s errand. A domain is only valuable if it is relevant to your niche. For instance, if your target is to rank high for golf online, it makes no sense to buy an aged or expired domain dedicated to culinary art. So only a domain relevant to your niche will serve your purpose.

Quality Backlinks: Another way to tell if a domain will be valuable is if it has quality backlinks to other pages. Good backlinks can boost your SEO ratings significantly. If you know where to look, you should be able to find good expired domains with quality backlinks.

Not Spammy: The worst thing that will happen to you is if you link a spammy domain to your main domain, which is a bad idea for several reasons. Google frowns at spam sites and downgrades them. Secondly, no user like a spammy website, to begin with, so buying such a domain for its quality backlink or relevance will be counter-productive.

Your biggest challenge will be to find a domain that meets all three criteria. If the domain has a strong link profile used for spamming, it will negatively impact your SEO marketing results. Your effort will be wasted if it is not spammy and has a strong link profile but is not relevant to your niche.

But if all three are in order, you can achieve unbelievable results.

How To Use Aged Or Expired Domains?

For those looking to utilize an aged or expired domain for SEO purposes, there are different ways to go about it. Below we review the different options.

Start A New Website

To rank high for searches relevant to your niche, you can build a website from scratch using a new domain name. If you don’t want to go this route, you can skip the process and build your site using an old domain name no longer used by its previous owner. If the domain has some level of online authority, it will serve you well.

However, it is important to note that this approach does not guarantee positive results but helps you avoid Google sandbox and unnecessary delays.

Expired Domain Name Redirection

Another way to rank your website on Google is to buy and register a domain and redirect an expired domain to your main website. This move will boost the authority ranking of your site and make it much easier for search engines to find your website online. This method is heavily reliant on the type of redirection you use. The most efficient method is the 301 redirect method. When visitors visit the expired domain, it automatically redirect them to your main website.

The key is ensuring that the expired or aged domain you buy is an authority domain with a quality link profile.

Link Sourcing

Another method successful SEO experts utilize is simply buying an expired domain to take advantage of its source links. If you have found a good domain name relevant to your niche, you can buy it to source links from it, provided it has a very strong link profile. If it doesn’t have a strong link profile, then the aim is defeated.

The benefit of using this strategy is that your main website will easily connect to the webmaster of every site to which the expired domain is linked. You can also go the extra mile to let them know that the old domain they are linked to is expired and offer your main website as an alternative for them to link their sites too. Some will reject your offer both those that accept will link your site, and this way, you will get a handful of quality source links.

Domain Flipping

The last strategy we want to review is domain flipping. This is simply the act of buying a domain name and selling it for a profit. Flippers may buy only the domain name or the entire website in the near future. Your main goal should be to buy a domain that is punching below its weight.

For instance, you may find a domain that has already expired, but during its active years, it was not fully monetized despite getting regular traffic. You can buy it, improve the domain by posting quality content and links then sell it for a profit. You may even buy a domain that has good branding potential; these types of domains command high prices, especially if they have a generic term attached to their names.


In conclusion, the key to boosting the SEO profile of your website using aged or expired domains is to find domains that are relevant to your niche, not spammy, and possess quality backlinks. If you can find one, you can link it to your main domain and implement any of the strategies espoused in the article.

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