Are You Looking for a Professional Web Design or a Cheap Web?

At this stage of the film, every professional knows that digital marketing is essential to move their business forward, but online presence alone is not enough to generate profits: if you want to win, you must invest in a professional web design.

In this post we tell you the main differences between Professional Web Design and a cheap Web. In addition, we explain the points where you should look when choosing a budget for a web page.

Are You Looking for a Professional Web Design or a Cheap Web? 1

Professional website design VS Web cheap: your credibility is at stake.

Every Internet user has many hours of browsing behind them ... And this is enough to develop a very fine sense of smell, thanks to which you can distinguish when you are faced with a professional web design and when it is a cheap website.

Assume it, if you are a professional, you need a professional Web Design, on pain of causing a bad impression to your potential clients, which, when faced with a cheap website, will think "As I do everything the same, I'd better go somewhere else", because , recognize it, you would do the same in its place.

In society 2.0, having a corporate blog, presence in Social Networks, online store and corporate website is the ABC of good corporate image. Turning your visitors into customers will be easier with a professional Web Design.

Are You Looking for a Professional Web Design or a Cheap Web? 2

Today, your website is your business card and, no, it is not the same to give a graph paper with splotches of chorizo than a heavyweight card, satiny and printed in full color, right? Well, that's the difference between a professional Web Design and a cheap website.

Professional Web Design or why spending on quality means investing ... And winning.

If you do not want to throw away your money, be wary of bargains: the one who offers them will earn much more than you think. The supposed savings offered by a cheap website can go very, very expensive ... And that is, when something is wrong, you have to do it - and pay it - twice.

When I talk about professional Web Design I do not mean the opposite extreme: spend a million, letting yourself be cajoled by companies that promise you gold and Moor (when in fact they offer you the same as other cheaper web design agencies).

You can have the best Web Design spending the right thing, that is, pay exactly for what you receive, without bargains and without more inflated prices than the Michelin star.

To obtain a professional Web Design, put yourself in the hands of a good web design portugal agency and, to optimize each euro you spend, carefully observe what services include your budget, how is your portfolio and whether or not it has financing. This way you will convert your spending into a profitable investment.

Remember that a professional Web Design must meet the following requirements so that your website sells almost by itself:


    1. That reflects the main values of your company and your corporate image, so that visitors will be crystal clear that you are you, and not your competitor.

    2. TRANSMIT THE NECESSARY INFORMATION. That you report on your services and do so clearly, truthfully and updated.

    3. EASY TO USE AND RESPONSIVE. That the site is usable, intuitive and responsive (adapted to smartphones and tablets): the Internet user is just patience, so that, if your website gives war, it will go quickly.

    4. SPECIFIC FEATURES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. That has the necessary functionalities for your type of company: if you are a hotel, you must enable the online reservation of rooms; If you are a party room, you must show the calendar of events and the sale of tickets.

What should the budget of a professional Web Design include?

Are You Looking for a Professional Web Design or a Cheap Web? 3

To avoid shocks and know why you are paying, an online Marketing agency should present a clear budget, which details each of the services that it will offer you. Do not let them take advantage of your ignorance!

1. Sketch: we go in parts. As a prior step to the development of your website, it is best that the Marketing Agency pass a sketch of the future professional Web Design. So you can control the process from the beginning, giving your agreement only to a project that really fills you.

When they offer you a cheap website, check if the website they offer is going to be the same as the rest of the websites of the clients of the company that offers the service, or it will have a design adapted to your corporate image and needs.

2. Web design: how do you want your website to be?

In the design of your website we must look at what we put and where, both aesthetically and functionally. Nowadays, most web pages are developed using open source systems (CMS), such as WordPress or Prestashop. If you are a self-employed or SME, surely these systems adapt perfectly to your needs. Using these systems you will gain 4 things:

1. WEATHER By not having to develop your website from scratch, your online marketing agency, or your web design agency, will deliver your finished website much faster.

2. Price For the same reason, these types of websites are cheaper than those developed with their own systems or customized.

3. FREEDOM You will get a self-managing web. You can use its simple administration panel, without having to depend on a web design agency.

4. SEO Especially with WordPress, you will obtain advantages for the SEO of your website. Your themes come prepared and there are plugins that can help you improve the optimization of your website (although, obviously, that's not all you have to do to position your website)

A good Marketing Agency not only knows all the CMS, but also which is best suited to your needs, and when they are not enough and you need a fully developed website.

The CMS is just the tool, but it takes many hours of work to put all your maremagnum of options at the service of a professional Web Design, which is able to identify your company. Thanks to the plugins (pre-existing or created to measure, free or paid) you can enter in your web thousands of different functionalities: online booking manager, online store, work portfolio, contact form, Google map, advanced search engine, private area, etc. Pay attention to whether they are included in the final price or paid separately.

The cheap web design is a friend of using free templates and plugins, responsible for a limited design, and, what is worse, outdated, that in the future will lead to problems of security, operation and incompatibilities. A website like this will provide you with many hours of entertainment.

Hosting: where do we put all this?

Once we have created the website, we must find an accommodation. The reliability of it is key so that it does not leave us lying around.

A professional Web Design must include a quality hosting: fast, secure and with enough space for your website. Thus, indigit offers you web hosting: optimized servers, minimum 1 GB of space, SSL certificate, unlimited emails and high-speed SSD disks.

A cheap website, not content with creating a shabby web design, will give you an equally shabby accommodation: get ready to host your website in a small, slow, insecure site with poor technical support.

Maintenance: always at the foot of the canyon

For a website, already created and hosted, to function as it should be, it needs a maintenance in conditions, able to keep it updated at all times, guaranteeing a secure web devoid of incompatibilities See if your marketing agency's budget includes maintenance and what it will consist of: how many hours will you spend? Are they going to make backup copies? Backup copies are essential to avoid problems in the event of unforeseen events. Above all, before any update, as some incompatibility or error can cause the web to break.

indigit offers a complete web maintenance service so you do not have to worry about anything: updates (platform and modules), backup copies, retouching on the web (simple changes, not in the design), support in the management of the platform (at publisher level), special security, resolution of failures or problems on the web and up to 3 hours per month (not cumulative).

With a cheap website, on the other hand, your website will be like a paper boat on the high seas: without maintenance work it is only a matter of time before it sinks ... And with it your business image. If you have contracted maintenance, and you decide to leave the service, make sure that your website will not disappear by magic. Some web design agencies, instead of charging you for the design of your cheap website, prefer to charge a monthly or annual maintenance, but, if you decide to cancel the service, remove your website.

SEO: the importance of getting there first

The Internet is very, very large, so if you do not appear in the top positions of the search engine, nobody will find you ... And that's what SEO is for: the art of pleasing Google and the other search engines. A professional web design optimized for SEO will ensure you a preeminent place on the Internet. The competition to beat is very hard, so improving the positioning of a website in the search engines requires constant maintenance.

indigit takes care of everything so that your website is on the front line of search engines: keyword study, search engine optimization, optimized SEO posts writing, periodic reports, quality link building, competition analysis, SEO optimization of your Web , Web analytics and SEO advice.

With a cheap website that ignores the rules of SEO, get ready to appear in the last positions of the search engines, those in which no one looks, what good is it to have a corporate website? Your credibility deserves a professional web design: no smoke sellers, no bargain prices. Take your online presence seriously and get ready to reap the fruits of your investment.

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