Best Web Design Practices for Insurance Agencies

A website is just like a digital face of a business, brand or company and you must have an appealing one for your insurance agency as it is also known as one of the great ways to get more leads. Designing a website for an insurance agency is not as simple as inserting details and information to a ready to use website template or theme as we do for different businesses and can be a little bit daunting too. An insurance agency website must have a significant impact on potential customers when they first visit it. It should be appealing in layout, easy to navigate, and mobile responsive as well in order to provide visitors with excellent user experience.

Whether you are about to design a new website for an insurance agency or want to redesign an existing one, here we have revealed best web design practices for insurance agencies that can help you get more from your web designing efforts.

Choose a Highly Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

Searching for the desired products or services is one of the internet activities that most of the peoples conduct by using their mobile devices these days. That is the reason; a mobile-friendly and responsive design should be one of your major concerns to make your website successful and visible in search engines. Because if the website of your insurance agency is not optimized for small screens, you might be skipping a lot of opportunities of getting more leads. Visitors these days don’t want to scroll or zoom to view the details or information they need, and they can move to your direct competitors for a better experience. So, make sure your website will perform well on different screens and will also load quickly on all mobile devices.

Sleek and Appealing Layout

Just having a responsive design is not enough to make your website stand out but you will also need an elegant and appealing layout to grab the attention of search engine visitors. If your insurance agency website is not tempting, you will lose the users to your direct competitors. Burial Insurance Pro is the best example of a sleek, modern and appealing layout that grabs the attention of visitors and makes them stay longer on the website. Use of the neutral color combination like white and gray, use of drop-down menus instead of side bars and using large, striking visuals are some best practices to make the layout of your insurance agency website alluring.

Remember to add Basic Pages

In order to cater to the needs of your website visitors, remember to add all the necessary and basic pages on your website. Pages like services, about us, testimonials and contact us must be there on your website to make all the essential details and information available for the visitors. Furthermore, make your product or service pages easy to find and detailed also to help visitors take the right decision regarding the services offered.

Focus on Your Most Important Features

An insurance agency website should be useful not only for users but for your sales team as well. For this purpose, you must be focusing on your important features (services or information) of your website. For instance, if the major concern of your website is lead generation, there must be strong and appealing calls to action to your quote or contact forms etc. All the information placed on the website should also be easy to find and up-to-date also.

Use Visually Striking Photos

Use of high quality and striking visuals in your website can make it pleasing to the eyes. Easy to understand and well-placed images can draw the attention of users and can also steer them towards the calls to action placed on your different web pages. However, you must avoid stock photos and try to capture some unique and tempting photos to build strong customer trust. Use of local landmarks in your visuals can add a familiar feel to your insurance agency website.

Strong and Appealing Calls to Action

Use of strong and appealing calls to action is one of the best web design practices for insurance agencies to convert search engine visitors into customers. Make sure all your calls to action are created alluringly and are placed accordingly. In this way, you will be able to convince your visitors to take actions you want them to take. Complete a quotation form, make a phone call and contact us are some great CTA ideas for insurance agency websites.

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